Cree apparently aims to please


Newly Enlightened
Sep 19, 2011
Today I called the Cree warranty number to let them know that 2 more of their 9.5 watt soft white 60W replacement bulbs I had purchased in 2013 had gone dark (I had already called twice in the past year to get one replaced each time). The gentleman who answered the phone promptly took my info and said replacement bulbs would be shipped today. No need to send back the bad bulbs (only on the first failure about a year ago did they send a mailer to return the bulb).

All of these failed in a 2-bulb standard ceiling fixture with a glass globe. I always had 2 of the Cree bulbs in there, and averaged about 6 hours/day. So I was following all the rules on their packaging, yet the 10-year warranty bulbs failed within 2 years. He said the replacement bulbs would generate less heat and hold up better in the enclosed fixture.

Bravo to Cree for honoring their warranty with no hassle.