D*mn! Fried the bulb...


Jan 6, 2007
Just got my E1E today! Have a L4 and played some lego...

Put the E1E head to the L4 body...and forgot to change the bulb...

First day! :hairpull: Didnt even get the chanse to try it out! :(

Now I dont know wheter I should get a 40 lumen HO-E1A from LF or get the original bulb...

Waiting for a 90 lumen bulb from LF, but I want to be able to use the E1E with a regular CR123 batt....

I knew I was going to fry a bulb sometime...but not the first day, and not before I had the chanse to try it out!
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May 22, 2005
E1E is a great light, very little improvement needed. Personally, I had been reaching for a 2D Mag for years until I discover SF E1E can produce as much light but in a much smaller size and weight.

Since you have SF L4 and E1E, I would recommend you use the following combination :
a) Put the KL4 LED on E1E together with the 2 stage tailcap
b) Get the 60 lumen incan bulb for the E1E bezel and put on L4 body.

With these setup, you will have a small pocket cannon providing a floody wall of light on high LED beam and a low LED beam for long runtimes, good as a emergency preparedness light requiring only a single cell to run.

For use in foggy conditions, a 2 cell incan light with a 60 lumens beam is much better than a single cell incan light.

My 2cents.