Easy reversible SF-L2 mod - Keeping 14670s centered


Newly Enlightened
Mar 30, 2004
Ok, I've been using my L2 with 14670s for quite a while. The cell has a smaller
diameter than the light which has an annoying effect: After locking out the
tailcap the cell can move within the light - and the next time you try to turn
it on the contact springs may not touch the contacs of the cell (but the plastic housing).
To keep the cell centered I use the following simple mod for which you need a 20ml syringe tube.

Before anything happened:

Start by cutting off the ends of the syringe so you get a straight tube.
Next, cut the tube from end to end. You get a tube with a slit. Now place
a knife one centimeter aside the slit and cut the tube again to the other side.
If you look from above the tube should look like a "c" now.

Shown with scale:

Notice the "window" I cut on the other side of the slit? I did that to make it easier to remove the syringe from the light.

Now, just pop it in the light:

And the cell won't be misaligned any more:

The syringe will remain in the light even when you pop out the cell. If you do not cut the "window" shown above it is really difficult to get it out without tools.
However, if your fingers are too large to fit in the L2 the window won't be of any help.