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Jun 15, 2007
Hi, thinking of buying new EDC. Currently I’m using Olight baton mini II. It’s a great torch, was my favorite at work, around home, etc, but when I went to the country side, especially this time of a year, turned up it was not enough in terms of run times. Basically, it was going flat too quickly. Don’t get me wrong as for the “quickly”. It all depends on circumstances and it’s subjective, but I figured out that I need a flashlight with a bit brighter “normal” mode which will last around 2-3 times longer than mini 2. So what is the turbo mode in mini 2, that I would need as normal high mode.
Now, on top of this I want power level indicator plus mode I’m currently at indicator. Mini 2 has the first but not the latter. Moonlight mode is essential, no more than 5 lumens. So I turned my eyes into Warrior 3s. One of the reasons was, that if your at home or at work, you always know where you’re flashlight is, but being on a trip, changing jackets and hoodies, etc, I just wanted a little bit bigger flashlight which is not that easy to lose and easy to find in the pocket. Once I dropped my mini 2 in a car and it went in a such a small space under the seat, that I could barely see it. Ok, to the point.
I’m looking for something similar to Warrior 3s, with all similar features, similar output (I don’t mind bigger of course), similar, pocketable size (12-14 cm is maximum). Also, it’s probably worth mentioning, that I like that Olight’s beam pattern, not too floody, not too narrow. Just right for an EDC.
So…. Suggestions please :)


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Jul 4, 2010
Acebeam P16 is an 18650 light with a tir optic that would handle similarly.
The p17 and 18 are 21700 lights that though they have traditional reflectors may still do a good job as well. I know some acebeam lights have moonlight modes but not all do. My L19 does, I don’t remember if my P15 does.
Fenix has a couple 21700 flashlights with similar performance to the Olight but they are also reflector and not tir.

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