Extech Ft Candle/Lux meter - Who can help me learn?


Newly Enlightened
Jan 7, 2007
Having retired from federal service, I now in addition to other cool things, do security consulting.

The company I work for has passed to me a Extech Instruments Foot Candle/lux meter and has asked me to go to a client site and evaluate the exterior lighting. I now have the task to learn how to use this device, as the previous employee that typically held this task has left the company.

I have a couple or three challenges.

1. Learn/teach myself how to PROPERLY use the meter (I have the short manual).

2. Take accurate readings on site.

3. Worry about how much snow cover will cause reflective light that will skew the readings.

So... anyone out there have experience that can help me? I am VERY concerned with having skewed results because of the reflective light off of the snow. A formula to factor in reflective light, a % of variation typically caused by reflective light would help. The normal ground surface is concrete and pavement, no grassy areas.

Oh help me Obewan!!!