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Fenix, Reylight, Prometheus, Sunwayman, Frelux

Sep 16, 2020
A few to let out of the coop:

Everything is shipped within the US, payment via PPFF or +4% G&S

These are also posted on FB. I will honor the earliest unconditional “I’ll take it.”

Fenix PD40R V2 $75
Externally in good shape, no dings or damage. Comes with a 21700 battery, but might need to be replaced (holds a charge, but missing wrap and some damage). A post was soldered (not by me) to the positive end so it can accept unprotected cells. Onboard charging works.

Reylight Dawn Ti V2 $130 Sold
In excellent condition. Comes with spare body, extension, and tail switch. Previous owner received the light with a screw broken in the tail. Rey sent him a new body and extension. I disassembled the switch and extracted the screw, so they are like-new spares.

Prometheus Delta EN $200

Definitely carried and shows in the patina. Nichia 319A 5000K. Has a copper button, four buttons of other colors, switch removal tool. Part of a "Master(?)" kit.

Sunwayman V10r Ti $200
Everything is original except for the tail and clip. Was drilled and tapped for McGizmo clip. One of the holes is not 100% perfect, but holds the clip firmly without issues. Includes a short milled clip by Brat Guy, nicely rests flat on the body rather than the extension.

Frelux FML $100
Neat little work light with a magnetic tail and flexible neck. Cool white emitter and runs on AA. Good condition. I believe this was the precursor to the FML2.


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