Flashlight purchase from Aliexpress in the USD 20 ~ 25 range


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Mar 26, 2023
Sao Paulo, Brasil
Hey guys

I'm from Brazil, if I'm posting in the wrong place, I kindly ask you to move the topic to the correct place.

Well, I want to import a flashlight from Aliexpress in the USD 20 ~ 25 price range.
I will use it occasionally for camping.
No need for a tactical flashlight.

I researched some models that I will put below.
Being that I got a discount coupon of USD 5 for the first three (WK15, SC31T and SP35)

Wurkkos WK15 - USD 26.39 (USD 21.39 with discount)
Sofirn SC31T - USD 25.38 (USD 20.38 with discount)
Sofirn SP35 - USD 30.56 (USD 25.56 with discount)
Sofirn SC31 Pro - USD 19.98

I saw a review of each one of them and I liked the Wurkkos WK15 better because it has more lumens in "High" and "Turbo" mode, according to the table for each of them below.

Wurkkos WK15 - Review Youtube
Technical Parameter
Technical Wurkkos WK15.jpg

Sofirn SC31T - Review Youtube
Technical Parameter
Technical Sofirn SC31T.jpg

Sofirn SP35 - Review Youtube
Technical Parameter
Technical Sofirn SP35.jpg

I did not find the Sofirn SC31 Pro table, I believe it is close to the SC31T

I liked the fact that the WK15 has 550 lumens (94m) on Medium, 1500 lumens (144m) on High and 3000 lumens (218m) on Turbo; the SP35 has 400 lumens (120m) on Medium, 950 lumens (215m) on High and 2000 lumens (332m) on Turbo and the SC31T has 300 lumens (85m) on Medium, 800 lumens (133m) on High and 2000 Lumens (209m) on Turbo.

What worried me about the WK15 is the battery life which is very low compared to the SP35 and the SC31T
WK15 has 4.5h on Medium, 1.8h on High and 1.6h on Turbo; the SP35 has 5h 35min on Medium, 3h 40min on High and 1h 53min on Turbo; the SC31T has 7.5h on Medium, 3.5h on High and 2.5h on Turbo.

What I found intriguing is that the WK15 has more lumens in all three modes mentioned (Medium, High and Turbo), but the SP35 has greater range in meters in all of them, even with less lumens.

So I wanted your opinion on which of these 4 options would be the best option?

I'm between the WK15 and the SP35, I confess that the WK15 caught my attention for the amount of lumens, but I'm seeing if it's better to reduce lumens a little and have more battery life.

Another thing I would like to know is that WK15 and SP35 use 21700 battery.
Is it possible to also use the 18650 in them, using an adapter like the one below?

As it will be my first high-quality flashlight, I ask if it is possible to use the 18650, which I find easier to find in Brazil than the 21700.
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