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Sold/Expired FOUND: "Dumb" L1 Mule Head -used-


Flashlight Enthusiast
Jun 23, 2008
Tornado Alley, USA
FOUND tentatively

I'm looking for one of McGizmo's 'Dumb' Mule heads for a SF L1.

I know that they're available direct from Don, but it's around Christmas gift-buying time and money's a bit tighter than usual for me. Looking to save a few $$. If you've got one with some dings at a bit less than new price, PM me. I'm assembling a heavy-user L1 with a beat up body and the head doesn't need to be perfect.

If I have no luck finding a used head, I'll probably sell off something of my own to fund the purchase of a brand new from Don. Thanks for any help.

Or for that matter, if you've got any head at all which would work on an L1 body, I may be interested in that too.
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