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  • Hi Don,

    after buying a blue olympus tough-8000 - camera, i thought it would be nice to connect it with one of your web coil tether with swivel. A blue one would fit perfect.
    May be, you have another one in stock. Please let me know.

    Thanks in advance, nice regards from germany
    Hi Don,

    I come here embarrassed to say that I have melted 3 of your McClickies attempting to direct drive an SST-90 in a Surefire 6P host. Bad idea, but it's experimental and sort of fun. My last run did reasonably well, as the switch continued to function for quite a while, but the plastic components were melting and current draw continues to drop as well. I was wondering if using Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive to create a thermal path from the spring to the brass retaining ring would be enough to prevent damage(warped spring, melted plastic) without deliberately lowering the current further. I believe I'm drawing around 6.5A of current.

    Hello Don. I have looked at past posts about the Creebar and am wondering if it is still available to purchase. I am thinking of ways to integrate several of them in accent lighting for modern homes and also as portable lighting in receptions with colored leds
    to accent the available tungsten illumination. The design of the Creebar fits perfectly for what I need it for, as I can cut it to size for smaller units. Can the Creebar be available in longer lenghts such as 3 to 4 feet and also but less important in different colors other than black? Please let me know if it will always be available. as I can purchase a substantial amount if my project goes through. Also I would need the black metal end plates as well. Thanks
    Don, Hello Sir , I am new here and just getting into flashlights. I have 3 of you lights and they are awesome. How can I get a Ti 2xAA McClickie Pak wave. I really like these alot.
    Thanks in advance for any consideration.:)
    Don: I am buying a Haiku XP-E from another CPF'r. Any chance I could buy a Haiku XP-G reflector from you, if there is one, to upgrade the light to an XP-G? Thanks, Gary
    Don, I'm sending this message to find out if the Haiku XP-G fits my needs. I want a light that has temp blinding light for semi defensive purposes and also has good throw (I just want the emphasis on the brightness). Would the Haiku XP-G work for me or would another one of your models be better. The size and style of the light are great. I want this for my EDC and I know your lights are the best quality. I'm just having trouble choosing from all the tech I'm reading in everyones posts. I just don't understand about all the LED's and heads and all the rest. Also, can add the 2x123 pack to that light? I hope you don't mind my contacting you but I want to make sure I'm getting what I want. Please be free to contact me with any Questions. Thanks Vaughn
    Hey Mac, I'm interested in a Ti 26650 P60 host. If it has a bezel so much the better. Anything you can do for me? Might be interested in a small 5-10 run depending on price.

    Hi Don,
    I'm getting really interested in a Haiku XP-G BB shipped to Australia.
    Can you please tell me what the weight of the light is and the diameter of the main part of the body?
    What would be to total cost, including a "sign-for" shipping?
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