Freeplay indigo vs Target RR lantern


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Mar 31, 2005
Anyone have any experience with the Freeplay Indigo lantern. I have reviewed some of the previous posts, but no one seemed to address how much light the Freeplay Ingdigo puts out. Is it comparable to the Target River Rock Lantern in terms of light output

I like having a lite that doesn't require any batteries at all. I noticed the Freeplay supports hand crank mode and and some rechargeables on board for use with a 110V charger. Does anyone know if the Indigo can work totally battery free? In other words, does it have the gear system in it to store the crank energy?



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Jan 28, 2003
Apex, NC
Don't know for sure, but I don't think the Freeplay has the big mainspring and gears like their old radios. I have a couple of them and they are big and heavy with that chunky spring. I've looked at the lantern and suspect it to have a dynamo charging system.



Dec 8, 2006
Vancouver BC
The older versions before Freeplay were the baygen clockwork generator I think. Google baygen clockwork to find the story. It appears the old generation were better made. The new ones seem to have batteries inside that get charged, in addition to having smaller lighter mechanisms. One thing I can say for sure is that I don't like the color, design, construction, durability etc., of any of the freeplay radio's or lights. The clear plastic case is so cheap and $Dollar Store looking. Little or no waterproofing either...
Excellent and timely concept but poorly executed due to severe cost restrictions. Have you noticed how all these free energy wind up flashlight devices are mega cheaply made? Where is SureFire's version of a "forever" light crank or radio? :laughing:


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Dec 30, 2004
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go_to_the_light - I cannot compare the FreePlay to the RR as I've never seen/used the RR but the Indigo works as follows:

The Indigo 'runs' off of a set of internal NiMh AA Batteries. The batteries can be charged by either an included 110V AC adapter or by cranking - the batteries store the crank power which is in turn supplied to the LED's so yes, it can run on just crank power but the batteries work as capacitors (or batteries) as the crank generates farmore power than the emitters can withstand. Rather than dumping that power into heat via a resistor it stores the energy in the batteries and thus also maintains a fairly stead output rather than one which would rise and fall as you cranked and one which would require you to crank continuously to maintain light.

Cydonia, it sounds like you've never seen or handled a FreePlay Indigo. Only a few of their lights have a see thru case and that was done so that people could see the mechnanics of the device - I think it's cool looking myself. Color and design are aesthetic choices; you've a right to an opinion on that area but please don't state your opinions on construction and durability as if they are facts unless you have some evidence to bear it out. Frankly you seem to be making unfounded accusations; I sell the FreePlay line so I'm at least somewhat qualified to speak on their durability; the return rate is incredibly low; the defect return rate is exceptionally low - which to me is a clear indication of a quality product. Their fit/finish is excellent and comparing them, grouping them, to/with the shake lights and cheap wind-ups on the market is simply dishonest and unfair. I've spent hours talking with their chief engineer and they're extremely quality oriented; they also offer a multiyear warranty and have simply FANTASTIC customer service.

Surefire simply doesn't participate in this market; it's not THEIR market so your point is specious and irrelevant.