from ROP LE 2d to mag 2d SSC P4


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Jul 31, 2006
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the recipe :-
red mag 2d
ssc p4 uswoj emitter
1xunprotected 18650 cell with D size adapter
1xAA dummy cell with C & D size adapter
rip off bottom spring from Rayovac Industrial 2D
1x1 watt diamond LED pill
Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive ( part A & B)
Arctic Alumina Ceramic Thermal Compound
= priceless :)

and some photos,a bit messy on some part will clean it up later.
how i wish i have that LOP reflector :( i only have MOP reflector with small opening hole )

beamshot (from left mad 2d ssc p4/ultrafire cree/andslite edison opto star)

diamond pill

thanks for looking :)
i got so bored waiting for my order from DE,my itchy hand just can't stop
modifying torches.
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