Gimmick-free COB light


Flashlight Enthusiast
Jul 2, 2006
CA, 94087
I recently got a few COB lights of this style and, while they do work, they're a little heavy on the gimmicks, with a bottle opener and a strobe mode. A tactical strobe, on a floody keychain light. And the UI is one button, cycling through Off - Medium - Low - Strobe with clicks, and High via long press. So not only does the strobe take a few moments to access, but if you want to turn the light off from Medium or Low, you must first access either Strobe or High before you can choose Off. The bottle opener isn't too bothersome, but it does reduce the available keychain space, and I don't think I'd want to use an aluminum bottle opener anyway.

It's obvious that marketing was a bigger factor than usability. Are there any lights in this space that reverse that?