HDS: Collection of information about LED options


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Oct 17, 2009
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Hello HDS owners

I am trying to collect the detailed LED information about the LED offers that was available the last years. I have collected most information, bzut there is still stuff missing.
I would be peased if someone has something that I marked with ?? or if I was forgetting an option that can be added!

Here is what I was collecting:

XP-L 4000K - CRI??, 325lm, 4000K, Emitter: Cree XP-L, V4, 5B4 Tint, 4000K (Order Code: XPLAWT-00-0000-000BV40E5 Exact Bin Code: XPLAWT-0-5B4-V40-0L-001) (link) (Hogo Groupbuy 1+2)
250lm - CRI 72, 250lm, 6200K, Emitter: Cree XP-G2
325lm - CRI 72, 325lm, 6200K, Emitter: Cree XP-L
L5B2V4 - CRI 75, 300lm, 3900K, Emitter: Cree XP-L (no further detailed LED information)
NLT - CRI 71, 325lm, 5000K, Emitter: Cree XP-G3, 3D, S5
NB4 - CRI ??, 200lm, 4000K, Emitter: Nichia 219B, sw??, R9050, D???, L?
NB27 - CRI 95, 170lm, 2700K, Emitter: Nichia 219B, sw27, R9080, D160, L2
NB30 - CRI 95, 180lm, 3000K, Emitter: Nichia 219B, sw30, R9080, D180, L2
NB35 - CRI 97, 180lm, 3500K, Emitter: Nichia 219B, sw35, R9080, D180, L2
NB40 - CRI 95, 200lm, 4000K, Emitter: Nichia 219B, sw40, R9080, D220, L2
NB45 - CRI 95, 200lm, 4500K, Emitter: Nichia 219B, sw45k, R9080, D220, L2
NC27 - CRI 93, ??lm, 2700K, Emitter: Nichia 219C, sm273, R9050, D???, L?
NC30 - CRI 93, 200lm, 3000K, Emitter: Nichia 219C, sm303, R9050, D200, L1
NC35 - CRI 93, 200lm, 3500K, Emitter: Nichia 219C, sm353, R9050, D220, L?
NC40 - CRI 93, 200lm, 4000K, Emitter: Nichia 219C, sm403, R9050, D240, M1
NC50 - CRI 93, 200lm, 5000K, Emitter: Nichia 219C, sm503, R9050, D???, L?
NC57 - CRI 93, 200lm, 5700K, Emitter: Nichia 219C, sm573, R9050, D???, L?
NA52 - CRI 96, 200lm, 5200K, Emitter: Nichia 519A, sm573, R9080, M450, L5
SS40 - CRI 94, 225lm, 4000K, Emitter: Luminus SST-20, SST-20-W40H-A120-J5402
SDV30 - CRI 90, 250lm, 3000K, Emitter: Samsung, LH351D, G, VP, P6.
SDR50 - CRI 90, 300lm, 5000K, Emitter: Samsung, LH351D, G, RT, S6
SDW55 - CRI 90, 300lm, 5500K, Emitter: Samsung, LH351D, ??
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Mar 8, 2021
The R9050 in the part number of the Niciha LEDs is a CRI code denoting an Ra (CRI) of 90 CRI minimum and an R9 value (rendering of the red swatch from CRI) of at least 50.

Actual measured CRI will be higher, but may vary slightly from sample to sample and with drive current; it's likely around 93-95 in practice.


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Sep 22, 2011
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I found this old screen shot from the NC27, 30, 35 & 45 group buy thread. It has the lumen and CRI values of the 3900°k XPL and the NC30 & NC40.