Heat sinking a Dorcy 1 watt 3AAA


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Nov 10, 2006
At Target this evening I spotted a Dorcy Super 1 Watt LED light that runs off 3 AAA cells. I'm not a "tactical" type guy who carries a light like he's going to stab something with it, so I like the button on the body rather than the tail and bought one. It didn't take long to plop a Seoul P4 into it, and boy, does that boost the output. But it dropped dramatically within a minute or two, so I took a better look at the construction. Seems the star is just suspended in the body, held in place by a couple of pieces of plastic. So the LED must really be cooking. The body is heavy metal -- has anybody figured out a good way to thermally connect the star to the body to take advantage of it?

Arrgh. To make matters worse, I got it completely apart and found that the positive LED connection is routed so it makes contact to the normally electrically floating aluminum body of the star. That makes things more complicated yet.

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