Help: Green tint center, but beautiful white flood?


Apr 6, 2001
Just got in an odd one and can't decide if this is normal.

Ordered a warmer tint rated about 3500-4000. The moment I turned it on, the center spot is clearly greenish. I've owned over 30 LED lights including a number of Zebralights. (This one is not a Zebralight) BUT the flood part of the beam is a beautiful white. And when I do the ceiling bounce, the two colors merge together to a warm yellowish light. BUT the spot is just obviously greenish.

I'm confused how it is possible that the spot and flood portion of one LED can be so different in color.

Anyone else experience this and should I simply ship it back?

Thanks in advance for any expert help.

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Jun 8, 2008
New England woods.
I have seen it before. Different parts of the beam profile appears to have a different shade. In fact seems
kinda common with less diffused lights I own. No big deal
IMHO. Dang my foot is cold. In the middle of the woods posting this next to a hobo stove.
must be 19F and my boots are frozen. Stepped in a stream so
i mean actually frozen. LOL.


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Dec 11, 2016
Interesting that the LED came new like this. I have a Black Diamond Revolt that started out with a nice white beam. It accidentally turned on in my pack at some point and ran for quite a while. Ever since it has had an ugly green spot while the flood still seems nice and white.


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Oct 11, 2016
This is common with certain LED's, and I guess has something to do with how light passes through the phosphor differently across the width of the LED, or perhaps the phosphor builds up in different thicknesses over the width of the LED.

I have a light with a Cree XP-G that shows a moderate amount of this problem, but it's not distracting if I'm not looking for it.

Putting DCFix diffusing film on the lens might help blend the tints together more, but obviously it will also make the beam more floody, which you may or may not want.

Out of curiosity, which model light?