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Apr 8, 2002
Originally posted by dat2zip on 6-13-07 HERE.

There are times when it seems communications breaks down. The following outlines the general best practices to re-establish communications with the Shoppe.
Remember sending an email or a PM may not get received. These are not 100% reliable and servers, systems, internet do tend to eat some of them up.
So, if you tried emailing the Shoppe and got no response you can try the following. The list in in priority listing them in order.
1) If you have access to IM I can be reached almost any time day/night on one of the following IM chat systems.
Yahoo ID: dat2zip
AOL IM: wayney9999
2) send an enquiry through the shoppe.
3) Shoppe orders, questions send a PM via CPF or CPFM to Ms_SS.
4) Send technical question if the enquiry fails via PM to dat2zip (CPF, CPFM).
Please note: emails, PMs may take a time depending on the content and technical difficulty.
I would highly suggest you try to provide as much detail as possible.
What are you trying to build? What battery configuration? How many LEDs are you driving? What current level are you trying to achieve?
The more specific your enquiry the better the response.
One liners are general vague and take a large amount of time to compose a response.
Provide your CPF name, real name, alternate email addresses you used in previous communications.
Most importantly, attach all previous communications if this is a continuation of the a previous email.
Remember we are talking to many different people. You are only talking to the Shoppe. While it's easy for you to remember the total conversation we can't. Help us remember what the conversation was about.
While we don't provide our phone number, IM chat is the next best things. Once you start an IM conversation many questions can get answered in real time. emails, PMs are sequential and take a long time to go back and forth and back and forth.
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