How To Improve Spyderco Delica4 PM2 Blade (Mod, Sharpening)


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Jul 5, 2012
I am prolly not the first to address this topic. Anyway here is my take.

I don't know about other Spyderco blades but OOTB i don't agree with how edge and plunge line are ground, nearing the ricasso of the Paramilitary 2, Delica 4, and Endura 4 blade: that spot/area looks untidy, unclear, messy, complex, complicated to me, causing four issues A, B, C, and D. I never understood why it was ground like that:

The lack of a sharpening choil would be acceptable to me, if that problematic area had a primitive geometry. Primitive geometry is preferred if i want to resharpen every(!) millimeter of the edge conveniently and don't want to run into sharpening trouble sooner or later. In the end my concerns/efforts all boil down to preventing the development of a growing recurve section near the ricasso and not cutting into the edges (corners) of my expensive whetstones. This is can be achieved with a cleanly cut whetstone (like the Spyderco 302UF) as long as the geometry is as primitive:

On my PM2 i also added a mini choil. For an improved sharpening experience any blade imho should have either of the three alternatives:

  1. sharpening choil (for trouble-free sharpening)
  2. primitive geometry + sharpening choil (for trouble-free sharpening)
  3. primitive geometry (for best cutting performance)


I am for sure not the first to have done this reasonable mod! There are some reasons why other PM2 owners wouldn't do a similar mod:

On the Delica4 the questionable spot is on a smaller scale:

Loving the mod! No sharpening choil added:

Primitive geometry, yes please!

Have yet to do the mod on my Endura4 :crazy:

My el cheapo knives suffer from the exfac recurves near the ricasso too, so i applied the quick mod there erh too:

Similar photo, i only switched places of the two knives. My left eye sees better than the right:

The untouched knife's recurve does cut into the reactangular edges of the whetstone, so the mod was really necessary here. And if you avoid the recurved portion when sharpening, you only grow the recurved portion over time. I've experienced it.

I don't despise sharpening choils. But i do despise recurves!


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Jan 27, 2017
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Please forgive the shoddy photography. I learned about this mod watching the Apostle P's sharpening tutorials on YouTube. His work is far better than mine, but the end result is a PM2 with a sharp edge all the way to the ricasso. I used the corner of an old whet stone to remove the unsharpened material and then I completed the sharpening process on my KME.





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