Sanrenmu S708 12c27n Fixed blade !


Flashlight Enthusiast
Feb 15, 2009
Melbourne - Australia

I have to say that 10 years ago Sanrenmu impressed with how it's knives were bolted together , unfortunately they lacked one thing = Edge retention !
Now the low cost was enough for some people , but at the time I reverted back to my US made knives .
So this is my first Sanrenmu in a very long time ! Just over $22 Oz bananas to my door !

This knife is very very Mora-ish ! Is supposedly 12c27n , a full flat grind with a nice crisp 90 deg spine ( little over that with the full flat grind ) .
I put the factory edge to the rope and got some 450 slices for a fail . That's good for a 22 banana knife & it's bushcrafty ! On the value index that's a little better than 5c a slice . ( Getting some real value there ) .. Yes , after some 400 slices that handle did hurt ! But I have old arthritic hands , so ?

So if you are a Mora-ish plastic handled budget knife fan , the Sanrenmu S708 really demands your attention ! ( Too much value to ignore )