I finally figured it out today


Dec 1, 2008
Don't know why it struck me today, but I guess from a month of reading posts and looking up things, I finally figured out that (on average) a DIY like a Mag P7 or an Mag Incan (DONE RIGHT), is about $150-$300. That is if you really want to DIY, meaning make as much as possible yourself, like the battery pack, etc.... It really is an expensive hobby when it comes down to it, after buying all the raw materials and then buying all the other components.... I could actually buy all the pre-made stuff much cheaper, but I'm a DIY guy, if I just assemble someone else's stuff, it has no meaning or pride for me, when it's done....

I thought I dould do it cheaper, but If I use cheap components to cut costs, then I would end up with an "Overseas" light and it would not be any good. Once I decided to give up the cheap way (I had already started that route & it would have been a light that was unsightly and unsafe). I looked at what it took to do a good and safe one and it's Way too much for my semi-retired income....

Well I learned something anyhow and still wasted about $50 doing it... :shakehead When the "Overseas" stuff comes in, I guess I will sell it in the marketplace and let it go.....

I guess what I'm saying is Y'all have fun, I'm taking a break from DIY.... I have done DIY all my life, but I always "did it right" and spent the bucks to do it right and Had the bucks to do it right.... It's different now and I need to learn how quit...... That's the hard part isn't it, learning how to give up and just go read a book.....

Great place Y'all have here!!! and a Great bunch of people!!! :twothumbs



Dec 8, 2006
Vancouver BC
I hope you don't leave this forum :eek:
You're right... this hobby is expensive to build DIY lights right. But... one can carefully read and research a light that isn't expensive to build. There really are some wonderful simple, safe, $50 - $100 DIY projects that are truly great. Not all projects require lots of special machined parts.
Ordering the LED's and or heatsinks from overseas is not cheating.

I too have always done DIY - and I have been able, by walking this path, to arrive at what I truly wanted.
Never by simply throwing money at the problem and buying a ready made light could I find what I needed.

The secret is to carefully save money and put it all into one light, and do it right, right from the start. Not wasting any money on junk or bad ideas along the way is key.

Get the right belt pack and put the right lead acid battery into it to power the right incandescent spotlight and you will have what you always wanted. It is possible... be patient. Don't give up or despair because it appears to cost too much. Where there is a will there is a way. Spend a few months saving money and building a battle plan.
All the great people on this forum will help on your mission to find that perfect light! Happy New Year 2009!



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Jun 4, 2007
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i agree. diy is not necessarily cheap.

i'm surprised that some of modified lights don't sell in the sale section. after the broken down costs it's like $20-30 in upsell which is fair considering the labor/time to convert over.
i'm a fan of the whole p7 and heatsink trend this year. it gave high lumens option to any beginner with very simple modifications.

i too have made mistakes myself. it sucks to cut down on a reflector and make a mistake in my example and have to order a new one at $20shipped.
on the other hand, i'm very happy of the plethora of information on this site and the willingness to share the info. some of the bigger modders(wquiles,darkzero, etc) share modding info and do it in a very detailed manor might i add. they could easily just keep it to themselves and make a higher profit but decide to share. so i can't complain too much because i'm sure i saved some money by reducing my guess work.
thanks to those guys!:thumbsup: