Ikea STENKOL 4xAA/AAA charger


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Nov 3, 2009
Ottawa Ont. Canada
I picked up a STENKOL 4xAA/AAA NiMH charger at Ikea for $7.99 in Canada. Not long ago it was $6.99, then inflation crept in. It seems to be of good quality, works well.

It is a slow i.e. overnight charger for most cells (350mA on AA,200mA on AAA) but not a dumb one. It has individual channels and LED indicators for each: white pulsing on charge, solid white on complete, and flashing red for fault.

I have limited use for chargers which only work in pairs, no such problem here. I also want chargers which work on older cells having higher resistance, which are still useful, but are not handled well by some faster chargers. One cell gave me flashing red, but was resolved by unplugging the charger with cell still in, waiting half a minute, then plugging in again (works sometimes).

White LED pulsing is not sharp, it ramps up and down, interesting effect.

Anyway, it's a decent product for very little money.

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