Knife Review: Extrema Ratio Sethlans


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May 5, 2010
Hove, UK
Back when it was launched, I took a 'first look' at the Extrema Ratio Sethlans knife. Now, after being able to use the Sethlans for several months I can bring you this much more detailed look at the knife and its comprehensive equipped sheath.
The Sethlans is designed to be used for bushcraft, survival, and as a backup blade, so is also ideally suited for prepping, but I can tell you know, you are definitely going to want to use this knife.

(This thread is a new approach for me regarding sharing my reviews. Forums are where I came from, and the discussion on forums is something I hope to be involved in and inspire. It has become too much work to convert the reviews published on my website into forum versions, so I need to try something else to stay in touch with the forums.

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Click on the photo below to go to the full review, but please come back here to discuss.

The 'First Look' Video:
Taking you back to the initial impressions and overview of the Sethlans.

A good look round the Sethlans Sheath - Things to look out for here are:

A good sheath can make or break a knife, as access to, and ease of carry, affect your experience of using the knife. The Sethlans has one of the most comprehensively equipped and well thought out sheaths of any knife I have used, and there are so many details to show, it is a major part of the review...

What is it like to use?
Being an Extrema Ratio knife, the Sethlans seems to be both typically characteristic of the brand, yet at the same time completely different and surprising. It also has me in a dilemma about how to set it up thanks to the super flexible sheath design.
If I were packing in a 'prepping' style, I would leave the full Sethlans sheath setup with the sharpening stone and fire-steel...

Once you have checked out the full review, please come back here to discuss.


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Feb 14, 2002
The knife "is what it is", and there are quite a few things I like about it(the blade, anyway), and others I don't, but your review is just fantastic.
I have never seen so much useful information in one place as your "first look" video.
You said in the review that "the figures might be a bit of a yawn" , but those are the very things that determine how a knife will perform.
What a pleasure to see them included.

It's funny, I started watching the video, and was thinking to myself, "Yeah, but what about stuff that matters, like the primary grind, and thickness behind the edge? Look at that drop; how come noone mentions it, or realizes its importance?"
And then you measured all of them!:thumbsup: