LED replacement BULB for Craftsman 3 d-cell Dorcy Xenon 3.6v .82a


Newly Enlightened
Feb 13, 2022
Howdy, all. I have an old DDD craftsman flashlight. Love the thing, but it needs a new bulb. Old bulb appears to be a Dorcy 41-1696.
The light itself appears to be a craftsman version of the ST3D016, and I see this thread from 10 years ago talking about similar issues - but I would assume the SOTA for LEDs has improved in the past decade. https://www.candlepowerforums.com/t...de-for-craftsman-flashlight-3-d-cells.343221/

And to answer the same answers as in that thread - plastic reflector, plastic lens, I don't need it too much brighter (168 lumens according to the product page for the ST3d016), it has a shoulder/flange near the middle, and I'd rather stick with D-cells if possible. They recommended a "Nite Ize LRB-07-PR1W". Is that still the go-to for this? I also see amazon recommending a "TRLIFE LED Flashlight Bulb DC4-24V, Maglite LED Conversion Kit for 3-16 C&D Cells Maglite Flashlights Torch, P13.5S PR2 3W" Many thanks!