Li-ion small cell charger ICs


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Nov 3, 2009
Ottawa Ont. Canada
When I open up an electronic product to see what's inside (and how well constructed) and sometimes to modify or repair, always interested in chips that are used and if I detailed data is available (like a good datasheet).

I was noticing a lot of little 5- or 6-pin SOT Li-ion charger chips but most have some pseudo-part marking (very hard to trace) or none at all.

Finally identified one! Consonance Electronics CN3130 in 6-pin SOT-23. Part was marked "3130" which is at least part of the real part number. Datasheet is interesting read:

Low charge current though, 300mA maximum. Device is a small LED worklight run from a single 2000mAh 18650 cell. Recharge time is not specified but being USB charged I assumed limited to 500mA at most; in this case, lower. So full recharge time is likely 6-7 hours. Product cost was low, only $11 plus change, so not too disappointed.



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Sep 7, 2012
Czech Republic, Prague
Why use so unusual manufacturer? I never heard of them. Even their site and pdf couldnt load properly. There are actually lot of other IC´s and companies. I use MCP73831, IC from Microchip: . Lot of stock, good prizes - like $0.5. If you need just li-ion charger, this is it. You can do bi-color LED signalization with little effort and its totally reliable. Working from the first prototype built.