Light Review: Acebeam L35 - 5000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight



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May 5, 2010
Hove, UK
For me, finally, the long awaited arrival of an Acebeam L35. In fact, for this test sample I had given up all hope and written it off as lost, but amazingly it did arrive, only five months late! (courier issue, not Acebeam) Clearly it was meant to be (eventually), and as with all Acebeam lights I have tested, immediately showed its mettle. Join me in this belated review of the Acebeam L35, a 5000 Lumen tactical flashlight.

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Acebeam L35 17 angle P1000747

(This thread is a new approach for me regarding sharing my reviews. Forums are where I came from, and the discussion on forums is something I hope to be involved in and inspire. It has become too much work to convert the reviews published on my website into forum versions, so I need to try something else to stay in touch with the forums.

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First Look Video:

This is a first look Review of the Acebeam L35 5000 Lumen Tactical Flashlight. 'First look' as at this point I had not carried out the full technical testing and output traces.

The L35 in use

We are all very used to tactical lights being based on the single 18650 / 2x CR123 framework, so the L35 might seem to be going in the wrong direction. For me that is not at all the case. The body is very comfortable to hold, the larger head give the L35 some presence and a stable front end to stand it on.

The 'Ace' delivered here is also the function provided by... (Click on the photo below to go to the full review, but please come back here to discuss.)
Acebeam L35 21 light P1390630

Link to the Disclosure.

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