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Sold/Expired Logan SS & Mcgizmo LE are $OLD!! Looking to trade/sell my peak Ultra eiger in sw40 keychain body for MD2 parts. Thanks CPF! zebra h600fc added!

Apr 2, 2022
Hello all,

I'd like to sell my peak ultra eiger SS in sw40 & my Logan SS in sw40. Both have keychain bodies and came in recently but I have overspent lately and I'm sure someone would love these with 219b sw40 so they're up for grabs. Payment via PayPal F&F , no notes please, shipped via usps.

SS ultra eiger 219b keychain body sw40 $60 shipped narrow optic * open to trading this ultra eiger for a Mdx head with hi/low ring and other malkoff MD related items!*

Zebralight h600fc, used but not abused, no box but brings clip and headband. I have loved this light and used it everyday but my h600d has replaced it and I enjoy the extra throw. **will also consider trades for a mdc head with hi/low ring and other malkoff MD related items!**

SS Logan 219b sw40 keychain body $85 shipped medium optic **SOLD**

I also have an extra XPL HI 4500k Mcgizmo Hive LE that I can post photos up later of if anyone's interested. $105 shipped, I bought it for my haiku but I'm happy with my 119v.
Shipping within the US only please.
Sorry **$OLD**

Not really interested in trades other than the malkoff items I listed.


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