Malkoff - Old optic or new relfector/glass?


Flashlight Enthusiast
Feb 20, 2005
First, let me say that I am becoming a certified Malkoff junkie.

Love the stuff.

But, I'm looking at a comparison between the old optic M60 and Wildcat V1, vs the newer M61 and the HD and WC V2 which use reflectors and/or glass windows.

Is this really a step forward?

Of course I realize that the new XPG emitters are more efficient than the old, and that's okay in and of itself.

But, I put ruggedness at a high spot on my list, and glass windows really aren't doing it for me. I think they are breakage-prone, and even if they might not break, it psychologically makes me expect them to break, and it affects the perception of ruggedness and confidence in the light, IMO.

Is Gene going to return to the acrylic/polycarbonate optics in the future?

Are there others who think he should do this too?

Is there an ultra clear polycarbonate window offered for these lights, if needed?

I want to move forward with the Malkoff line in the future, but I'm not really seeing the new glass stuff as an advancement in the durability department.

This concerns me enough to limit myself to buying the older M60 and M30 modules until I can get further data. To me, the durability outweighs the small improvement in lumen output. If I could get the newer emitters with an optic in the new Malkoffs, I would jump right on them.

As we go forward with newer and even more efficient emitters in the future, I would like to be able to have ths same confidence of unbreakability in the newer stuff.

Maybe it's just my perception, or maybe it's a real concern.

Malkoff junkie opinions are solicited and greatly appreciated.