MaxaBeam Gen iii Or Megaray Mr175 M2.


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Jul 11, 2014

I'm a new member and would really appreciate some input from experienced CPF members.

Basically I'm looking to make a purchase & I've been torn between buying a MaxaBeam or Megaray.

I've read through all past threads on both these units & I'm very much inclined to go down the Megaray road. The problem is I've used two methods of making contact regarding my interest but haven't received any reply.

Does anyone know of any Megaray UK agents being that I'm from the United Kingdom? Or better still an approx current price for the MR175 M2 with an average package?

I emailed the Company last week about my interest, however they have yet to phone or email me back. I also liked there Facebook page & sent a similar pm outlining my interest as a serious perspective buyer, but again this has been met without a reply.

I must say its a little disconcerting when your looking to make such a hefty investment. Are there any CPF members that have personal experience in dealing/buying from this South African based Company?

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Apr 26, 2004
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i havent dealt with Megaray, but Peak Beam Systems (maxabeam) are great to deal with, emails responses take less than 24 hrs (I'm in Australia, typically emailing in the middle of their night) and are one of my favourite 4 companies to deal with in terms of customer service (the others being Kifaru, thinktankphoto and my local camera shop) - one of their tech's emailed back and forth with me, to help fix a focus issue i was having with my Gen3 MB


Sep 25, 2004
I have both. The Maxabeam is much easier to lug around and use, no question. I don't like being "tethered" to the MR power pack. Despite the MR's twice the power, the spot that each light puts on the target is the same brightness but the MR's spot is about twice the diameter so it's easier to ID what your lighting up at distances beyond about 750 Yards. Under 750 Yards, they are about equal. I assume you'd be getting the LiFeP04 battery option with the MB so that you can get the "latched 80 Watts" capability, otherwise, you're limited to 15 or 30 seconds (can't remember) at 80 Watts and then back down to low. If it were me, I'd go with the Maxabeam for ease of handling unless you are regularly going to use the light beyond 750 Yards. IIRC, the MR runs about 8 Grand and the MB fully loaded under 3 Grand IIRC. I believe there is a CPF member discount for the MB. Annie of PeakBeam is also a member here and I have here email if you want it.

I have an email for the MR guy in charge of service/repair and can PM you. He was very helpful and responsive to my needs. He has a membership here but is not very active. He might be able to forward your inquiries to the right person. Not sure I can PM you yet with only 1 post?

No, I can't PM you until you have 3 or more posts, just tried.
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Aug 10, 2014
+1 for the Maxabeam, I used to own one, nice light, and as pointed out above, easy to carry around. I plan on getting another in the future.


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Apr 4, 2008
What kind of output is the latest maxabeam putting out at three miles?


Sorry it's been a few years &still had that one.