Mike Tyson vs Jake Paul


Newly Enlightened
Mar 14, 2015
Ah! Jake Paul. Him and his brother Logan represent everything wrong with Social media and YouTube. Hope the fight happens, hope Mike absolutely destroys him. Jake should have been physically disciplined long ago.
Guy scammed a bunch of people with a cryptocurrency scheme. He promised to pay everyone back, but never did. All his fights have been set up with subpar fighters designed to lose. Both brothers are scumbags.

Lights and Guns

Newly Enlightened
Dec 25, 2016
New York
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Will the fight actually happen, and if so, will you watch ... Do you care? Predictions are welcome.
I don't know who cares about this. It's a clown show... circus and nothing more.
You have a guy who is WELL beyond his fighting years.... and another guy who isn't doing it for the art of the sport, but for clout, money and all the rest of the wrong reasons.

With that said, absolutely cannot stand jake or his brother. If this fight does happen, I truly hope Mike takes his head off.
Hopefully Mike is getting a BIG payday out of this, because he's risking his legacy.