My new (panasonic) eneloops!! 2100 charge cycles and 70% after 5 yrs.


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Nov 17, 2012
Now, this post is merely a photo show. I hope the photos will strengthen our love for flashlights and batteries! :devil:

As the title suggest, this is the newest and greatest of the low discharge eneloop line up. Advertised as having a charge cycle of 2100, I'm pretty confident that before the battery fails, it would have gone through your lifetime (Unless you run them dry every-single-day). Moreover, a shelf life of 5 yrs, whilst maintaining 70% of its charge, will surely bring confidence in storing these boys for long periods of time (Hint: time to replace long shelf life alkaline battery for storage).

Original price of $40+ (including the tax), it suddenly went on sale for $28 (THATS WITH TAX). The temptation was to great :whistle:

Let the pictures talk! Hope everyone enjoys my photos. My photography skills should still be in place, even after being stagnant for a looooooonnnggg time.


Say hello to 8 packs!

The packaging is clearly mangled when I got this from the store. Guess we should blame shipping.



Eneloop, started from humble beginnings as a Sanyo product, now stands the center stage as a Panasonic brand. Applause making eneloops better!

GUESS WHICH ONE IS THE NEW AND THE OLD? (Hint: the top is the new one)

Is it me, or does the eneloop logo of the new one (top one) have a stronger Blue tint?

Now in comparison to an Imedion low discharge battery! :devil:
Note: the imedion is advertised as having a 2400mah capacity and maintaining 85% charge after a year. After breaking them in, I found they are within 92-96% capacity of what they advertise. Lowest is 2228mah, while highest is 2313mah. Not bad!

Salivating yet? If so, I had achieved my goal. I'm now in the process of breakin-in my eneloops using a Maha c9000 charger.

As always, thank you for giving me your time!:)

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