My Three Zebralights


Newly Enlightened
Apr 27, 2007
Over the past week I have purchased 3 Zebralights. I am the type who once he likes a model or brand I tend to want to have a few of each. My first obsession was with Nitecore. I just loved the PD.

The 3 I obtained were the SC51W, the H31W, and the SC30.

I originally wanted the the SC51 as I am a bit of a lumens chaser. I am so glad it was out of stock and I got the Neutral.

First impressions. I love them, but I definitely like the warmer tints better. They look fantastic, allow me to see detail so much better and I just like the overall look of them,

I think the design of the SC51w is fantastic. I love that the switch is forward, makes it so much easier to access, I think they are on to something. The switch and IU are also top notch. It just seems right, and has a good feel to it. I like the clip it is very secure and looks great. I was amazed just how small these lights are, and I think the website makes them look larger than they are. I also didn't initially like the way they look. Let me tell you, they are solid, the grip is nice and they are finished perfectly. No issues on any of my 3 lights.

The SC30 is the brightest of the 3, but its the light I prefer the least. The design is beautiful and its bright as hell, but I don't think I can go back to the bluish tint again. In fact my trusty EX10 is relegated to my truck. I no longer want to carry it. It has been great, but the beam no longer looks good to me.

The H31w is the light that intrigues me the most. I don't think I will use it as a headlamp but I love that I can. I do find that as a regular light it works great, and I like the option of holding it like a lantern. It is also unique, or unique to my non cpf friends. The only dislike I have of the 3 lights is the pocket clip on the H31w. It would be my favorite of the 3 if it has a metal clip. I personally do not like the rubber clip it came with. To me it reeks of being an after thought. Though it holds the light securely in my pocket, I think its ugly and adds bulk to a beautiful streamlined light. It is also hard to slip on and off.

I love these little lights, and I plan on getting a couple more. I guess I have a little crush on them, and I am really digging them right now.

If you haven't purchased one, I definitely recommend one for the collection.

I can't just have one or two lights, so I expect to try different brands, but for now I am pretty happy.

I am looking forward to checking out the new ThruNite's to see how they compare.