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Nov 14, 2007
A few questions, so bare with me...…

I have purchased 3 lights from Fenix, and they all have been great. However, they don't have a set standard as to what information the post about their lights. (i.e. beam angle, regulated or not, etc....)

So, as of right now, I have narrowed my options to purchasing one of these 4 lights.

Are these lights from Fenix regulated?
Tk09 2016 ($50)
FD41 ($85)
E20 V2.0 ($40)
TK11 TAC ($75) - it looks like it is NOT regulated? When looking at a new picture posted on, the blue line (medium level @ 500 lumens) does not hold steady, line graph showing a constant decline.

Of these, which ones would you recommend for DUAL purpose. An EDC & as a bike light?
I already have the TK09 2016 one. Awesome EDC.
Ok spill...would like a little more
As an EDC, 1 thing I never like was the intense hot spot, even on medium.

Yes, I know the E20 runs 2AA & the rest CR123/18650.

FD41 - seems to fit what I want, except for the price tag, but I am willing to take a hit just because I have some experience with them & feel comfortable with their products. Floodlight has an angel of 81 degrees.

TK11 TAC - I like the medium of 500 lumens, but not if its not a constant, regulated output. Dunno about the angel of the beam.

Tk09 - already have one. Awesome EDC. But as for this dual purpose job, not too bad spill...but, would like a little more; as an EDC, 1 thing I never did like was the intense hot spot, even on medium.

E20 V2.0 - runs on 2AA, that is a definite +. High is 350 lumens, but is that constant & if so for how long? "Maximum beam angle of 81 degrees"

I am open to other brands. I just have always stuck to the bigger, proven (Streamlight, Surefire, Fenix). I have recently come across Convoy lights, but can't find much information about them.

So, if anyone has these lights, please chime in with any additional information on the specs & whether they would be a good fit for this dual role.
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