New Flashlight Day: Nitecore LA10 CRI


Jun 25, 2021
Last week, I happened to notice that the Nitecore LA10 CRI, which has been on my wish list for some time, was discontinued, and since my birthday was imminent, I decided to go ahead and get one before they are gone. It arrived yesterday (my birthday), and I couldn't be more pleased, except for one thing.

I actually didn't remember that the LA10 and LA10 CRI have magnetic bases, and since my plan for this was to use it as a lantern for camping and backpacking, I would normally store it in my ditty bag, along with my Fenix E12 v2.0 and HM23, which also happens to be where my Brunton compass is kept. Obviously, I don't want a strong magnet anywhere near my compass, so I will have to keep the LA10 CRI in a different part of my backpack, away from the compass.

The LA10 CRI could not have arrived too soon. About 5 hours ago, around 0330, the power suddenly went out in my neighborhood, and I happened to be awake at the time. The LA10 CRI was on the coffee table that straddles my futon like a poor woman's kotatsu, so it was the nearest to hand, and just the right light for the moment. I found it quickly in the dark, as it was already within arm's reach, turned it on, extended the diffuser, and stuck it to the chrome wire shelving unit that surrounds my futon.

Fortunately, I still had a cell signal, so I immediately notified the power company of the outage through their dedicated app. I was probably the only one awake to notice the power was out, since only one report showed up. It eventually turned out that 28 homes were without power, so I guess the step-down transformer in front of my house blew, although I didn't hear anything. I think they replaced that transformer not that long ago, within the past two years.

My UPS kept my computers running, so I shut those down, and just to be certain, now that I could see, I got my Fenix PD36 TAC out of my handbag (remind me to put that back on my bicycle), and headed downstairs to the basement to make sure it wasn't any of my breakers (it wasn't). I poked my head out the door, and the entire block was out, though the streetlights at either end were still on.

About an hour later, the power company trucks showed up. A half hour after that, the power was back on, and I fired all the network equipment and computers back up.

If you want an LA10 CRI, you'd better get one quick, before they are gone. I got mine from B&H Photo in NYC, since I already have an account with them, and they sent along a free Nitecore TUBE v2 keychain light, which I probably won't use, and will probably give away to a friend as a Christmas gift. I think the LA10 (non-CRI model) isn't discontinued (yet).


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Mar 14, 2005
Louisiana - USA
Never seen that one before but I like! 9-30-85 Lumens

Had to get the ML21 version to have a spare i series 21700 battery. $28 on sale. Not a fan of the i series but...

80 Lumens (only 1 output level)
90 + CRI
4000 -4500K
19 hour runtime one battery
Battery Charger included (run light and charge at the same time)
Power Bank Capable
Spare extra light head available cheap at $6.95 I believe you can runt two light heads a once on same battery for 160 lumens...


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