New SL SCORPION luxeon led ?


Cosmic Superchunk

I just picked one up today. The Streamlight Scorpion has always been one of my favorite incandescent flashlights, and I was happy to see a version of it with a regulated LED. The body of the flashlight has the same rubber sleeve like the incandescent version except for the head (which happens to be the same one used on the 2nd Gen TL-2 LED) containing the LED. The beam on mine is nice and white, but it has one of the tightest hot spots I've seen. There is anough spill to make it useful at night and it has pretty good throw. Since the output of the 2nd Gen TL-2 and the LED Scorpion are virtually the same, it was a tough choice picking between the too, but I went with the Scorpion because of it's clickie switch. It's definately not a replacement for the incandescent Scorpion, but it's a good choice for a compact LED flashlight.