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Sold/Expired NIB Surefire Combat Rings $30 shipped

Mister S

Newly Enlightened
Oct 1, 2015
Lancaster, PA
I have the following lights for sale

** Please read the entire thread before messaging me**
*** I do not accept paypal or venmo or any other online payment service**

**Do not post in the thread unless it is to claim an item **

** SOLD ** I have a very nice Elzetta Bravo with the low profile bezel, high-low tailcap and an M61N Drop in for sale.
I am asking $105 shipped for this one.

1) ** SOLD ** Surefire G2D Fire Rescue.
115/60/15 lumens.
This light is in excellent condition with lanyard.
I am asking $100 shipped for this light.

2) ** WITHDRAWN ** Surefire Combat Rings
These are NIB.
I am asking $30 shipped.

** I do not accept paypal **
I will require a USPS money order for all shipped items.
I will ship as soon as it arrives.
I will also accept other money orders or checks but I will only ship after they clear.

Thanks for looking,
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Sep 16, 2020
HEY Ninja does the Elzetta lights take a P60 drop in? Going by your sig image you are the guy to ask? I did have some back in the day but traded them a long time ago and cannot remember.

I'm not an expert, but yes Elzetta Bravo and Charlie bodies can take P60 drop in, however only with the older host heads. The current heads have the whole light module built in.

Older head on the left, newer AVS on the right.


Use of Malkoff M61s will require a lens kit with the glass window and O-ring.

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