NOH-3 nightivision sight repair help


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Jul 22, 2020
ok, so i recently bought this russian
hunting nightvision scope off of ebay, but its got some problems!
the previous owner said, it belonged to his grandpa, and when he tried turning it on, it just shuts off and then starts up again. when it arrived , i tried it, and it did exactly, what he explained to me, but i heared an arcing noise inside, so i opened the thing and turned it on, inside of the scope, a spark then flied from the transformer to the tube. i insulate the transformer and start it again. the arcing noise is now gone, but it still shuts itself off, and instead of arcing, i hear a crackling noise, like when you turn off a crt. well, so now im thinking im stuck there, but i tinker arround with it some more, and i notice, that the brightness adjuster on the scope is turnung freely, so i take that out and i am now thinking, that the adjuster was broken and was letting too much current trough. and thats where i need your help. i already ordered a new adjuster and all, but i would like to know, if anyone also owns this scope, or has done some troubleshooting on it. also, when i powered the scope up, the reticle didnt show up , and i dont know if it would, if i get this thing to work.:confused:


Jul 30, 2020
Soviet era night vision scopes do make a noise when turned on, I don't remember what for exactly, but you can hear them buzzing or arcing. You can even get a headache if the thing's stuck to your eye for too long... but that's part of the charm, I guess?
And if you get pictures of the scope, I might be able to help you, as I have some experience with East Bloc night vision items.