Pelican 4d Laser Pro?


Flashlight Enthusiast
Feb 7, 2006
New Mexico
Ok, I am in love with Cree lights. Love my D-Mini...But something is missing from my now small flashlight arsanol, and I NEED a, a Great Incan to make me fell better when I go to sleep at night.

I would prefer something with very good throw. I need rock solid reliability, and decently long (more than cr123's are capible of) runtime.

I was thinking of the Pelican Laser Pro (4 D Alkalines) It looks super tough, has duall filiments in its bulb. Seams sealed against heavy weather, and I like its stand. Plus, the 8 D size version seems a little heavy. The lowest price I have found one for is $68.00 shipped.

Does this sound like a good buy? Can you think of something that would be a better choice? (would prefer a spotlight setup over a Maglight setup) I also do not want to be dependant on rechargables for this light, but I do want at least 60 lumans of light for a decent amount of time.

Thanks for your suggestions.