Please recommend a good NiMH or NiMH/Lithium batteries charger


Newly Enlightened
Jan 8, 2008
I have a mix of Eneloop and IKEA LADDA batteries, which have been serving me well. I also have IKEA TJUGO (and larger pre-TJUGO model) battery chargers and while I love the design of them, as soon as they charge the batteries, they start to slowly drain them, so I can't just pop the batteries in and keep them there.

I wonder if experts can recommend a decent 4 (but ideally 8) battery charger, which, ideally would work for a few lithium batteries as well and would have individual charging channels with individual progress information, so that even if I can't keep the batteries in the charger without slowly draining them, at least I would be able to tell when the batteries are charged and can be removed from the charger.

Oh and it can't be the wall plug type, has to be with the cord and ideally I'd prefer a non-proprietary connected, like a regular power cord or USB Type-C.