Recharge my Surefires!

Dan Harris

Newly Enlightened
May 15, 2006
I'm a bit behind the curve on rechargeable 123A batteries. I just got Eneloops down pat.:twothumbs I've searched many threads and still have a few questions, so please bear with me. I'm interested in a safe (protected?) and reliable format!

I have a Surefire L1 (Cree), an A2 and a 6P. The L1 and A2 are both stock and I'm planning to use a Malkoff M60 in the 6P.

L1 - Can I use a standard 3.7v without damage? Am I better off with a 3v?

A2 - Can I use a pair of Tenergys or similar 3v cells without damaging the leds or poofing the bulb? Are 3v cells really 3v?

6P – I believe that I can use a pair of 3.7v with the M60 without any problems. I just read about the M30 using a single 3v cell. I'm not too clear on what cell is recommended or the advantages / disadvantages of either one.

Also, what would be a good charger? Since the L1 only takes one cell, are there chargers that can charge one cell at a time?

Any info, thoughts or pointers to other threads are greatly appreciated.

As always, thank you all for the incredible knowledge that you share,

Dan…Trying to go greener!