Recommend a light for mountain biking with replaceable batteries and wide beam


Newly Enlightened
Mar 7, 2021
Hey. I have searched the forum and come of across some past recommendations, but most are few years old. I like to participate in ultra distance mountain bike races where I often bike trough the night and camp out out along the way, stopping and going into services as little as possible. There are a ton of great rechargeable bike lights out there, but I'm looking for something that runs off of CR123As and has a good beam for mountain biking. I have most recently tried a Fenix PD35. I typically toggle between the 150 and 350 lumen settings depending on terrain and speed but also appreciate the high 1000lumen setting. The problem with this light is that the beam is much more focused that what I need for mountain biking. I find the hot, bright center irrigating to look at for hours. Does anyone have any recommendations for a light with a wider more even beam, that has similar brightness settings and uses CR123A batteries? Thanks.