Recommendations for LED Replacement of a Double Contact Bayonet Xenon Bulb?



One of my bathrooms has a light fixture that uses three dc bayonet xenon bulbs, and is a bit of a pain to replace because taking off the cover requires removing some screws as well. That, and I can't even reach the fixture.

So, I was wondering if folks have any recommendations for a LED bulb that I can use to replace the xenon ones? I don't have it with me right now, but I believe it was a 50W 100-120V bulb that looked a lot like this one, but xenon instead of halogen.

Some googling led to me a ton of lighting retailers that sell dc bayonet LEDs, but I was hoping folks here could give me some feedback about how well they actually work, what the specs for an equivalent LED bulb would be, as well as some brands or sites they trust? Thanks!


Jun 12, 2011
It sounds like you have similar fixtures to the ones I have. Here is the thread I started on them a few years ago:

To cut to the chase, I found some replacements on ebay from a Chinese vendor. After nearly three years, they are all still working fine - though the light output is probably down a little bit. No doubt improved versions are available now.