REVIEW Acebeam Rider RX - EDC Fidget Flashlight - NICHIA 219F

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Dec 3, 2012
1x14500/AA - 650 lumens


Acebeam Rider RX was sent to me directly by ACEBEAM for review.
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The Acebeam Rider RX is sold in a small and compact white cardboard box with some data above such as addresses and emails, certifications, serial number and the 5-year warranty.



The package is complete with everything, inside we find the Acebeam Rider RX with an Acebeam 14500 / 920mAh battery inside and the inserted clip, USB-C charging cable, lanyard, spare O-ring and instruction manual (English / Chinese).
The glass of the Raider RX arrives protected by a removable film.



• Redefined EDC Fidget Flashlight
• Compact, portable and one-handed operation
• Uses a high CRI90 Nichia 219F LED and a neutral color temperature of 5000K
• Maximum power 650 lumens; maximum beam distance of 96 meters
• Custom ACEBEAM 14500 rechargeable Li-ion battery with built-in USB-C charging port
• Compatible general AA battery
• Four levels of brightness and SOS for option
• Intelligent memory circuit (SOS excluded)
• Optical lenses with scratch resistant coating on both sides
• Integrated precision digital lens technology provides an extreme reflector for a smooth and balanced beam
• Made with 304 stainless steel outer shell, durable and scratch resistant
• Double layer tube design for better cooling heat
• Two-way SS body clip and tail position capability for varying conditions
Size: 95.7mm x 18.6mm x 26.1mm
Weight: 82g with battery
Acebeam guarantees its products with a pretty solid guarantee: in case of problems within 15 days of purchase, the retailer must replace the product. If it fails during normal use within 5 years, your dealer will repair or replace the light with the same or similar model.

Acebeam has stood out in recent years, in the professional torch sector, for offering innovative, high-performance and well-built products with excellent materials. The Raider RX is an example of this path; it contains innovation combined with excellent materials and workmanship.
Acebeam Raider RX is a compact EDC flashlight that measures 95.7 mm in length and at the same time an anti-stress "fidget" tool through the integrated clip. It holds well in the hand despite its small size and completely smooth body.
It is built with an aluminum alloy body and stainless steel outer shell in 4 different colors. Recently it is also available with titanium coating.


Rider RX uses a NICHIA 219F LED with CRI ≥90 with a maximum power of 650 lumens and 4 lighting levels plus the SOS option. It is powered by a 14500 size battery (included in the package) or alternatively by AA batteries (Alkaline / NiMH).


The coating of the flashlight body is very nice, in stainless steel with a glossy color and the writings clearly visible.
The Acebeam Rider RX has a double layer tube design for better heat dissipation and comes with the two-way CLIP already fitted. The peculiarity of the Rider RX lies precisely in the Clip anchored, by means of two screws, to the internal aluminum shell. The Clip can be moved to 3 different positions including the one at the bottom which highlights the blue head of the Rider RX that can be unscrewed to access the battery compartment.


When we lower the Clip and the head is out, the switch in the tail becomes practically inaccessible, making the Rider RX protected from accidental starts.



The movement from left to right (and vice versa) of the Clip provides a play for the fingers that can be used as an anti-stress.
In the upper part of the flashlight, near the power button, we find 3 small holes (and the design of an arrow) for snapping and locking the clip.
The 3 holes are also repeated to the left of the clip and back for a total of nine holes.


In the lower part of the tube a thin layer of plasticized tape has been glued to protect the Rider RX from the micro lines that can form with the sliding of the Clip. According to Acebeam, sliding the clip will become smoother and easier after a short period of use.


Acebeam Rider RX uses a Nichia 219F LED with a color rendering index (CRI) of 90 with a neutral color temperature around 5000K. The small dish is smooth with an optical lens with scratch-resistant coating on both sides and provides a soft beam, without particular aberrations, of a floody nature.


Acebeam Raider RX is powered by a 14500 size Li-ion battery included in the sales package.
The supplied battery is a 920mAh Acebeam 14500 rechargeable via the USB-C cable included in the package.
To insert the battery, just unscrew the small head, with copper threads, of the Raider RX and insert it with the positive pole at the top.


To recharge the Acebeam 14500 battery supplied with the flashlight, simply insert the supplied cable into the USB-C port located in the upper part near the positive and connect it to a power supply or to a PC. When recharging, the notification LED next to the positive is red, when the charge is complete it turns green. The time required to fully recharge the battery (<0.5A) is approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes. At the end of the charge the battery showed 4.15V.
The Acebeam Rider RX can also be powered by a 1.5V, alkaline or NiMh battery.


The Raider RX Clip is sturdy and large in size compared to the total length of the flashlight. It is anchored to the internal (blue) aluminum shell and held in position by two screws, thus making it very firm. In the upper part it is possible to insert the supplied lanyard. Since the Clip is two-way, it is very simple and practical to use it to hook the flashlight into jeans, into the belt or into the nylon strap of a backpack (MOLLE system).


The Rider RX's metal tail switch (excellent choice) is mechanical and has an audible click. The switch can be operated easily even when wearing gloves.


Acebeam Rider RX next to other flashlights.


From left: Batteria AW 14500 protetta, Olight i5T EOS, Acebeam Rider RX e Zebralight SC5w.




Acebeam Rider RX has 4 light levels and the special SOS level. A single switch in the queue is available to manage the user interface.
To select the desired level, press the switch halfway repeatedly to select the desired mode (momentary light) between Ultra Low-Low-Mid-High and then press it fully to keep the flashlight constantly on in the chosen mode.
The light stores the last selected output excluding SOS. When switched on again after 1 second, the previously used output will be recalled.
SOS (hidden mode):
Press the switch continuously and quickly for 2 cycles of all output modes (Ultra Low-Low-Mid-High), to activate the hidden SOS mode.

The powers and the time of use vary depending on the type of battery used. These are the data declared by the parent company:
14500 Li-ion Battery:
Ultra-low: 7 lumens; 53 hours
Low: 70 lumens; 3 hours 8 minutes
Medium: 280 lumens; 60 minutes
High: 650 lumens-450 lumens-330 lumens; 2minutes + 6minutes + 55minutes
SOS: 450 lumens; 60 minutes
NiMH battery:
Ultra-low: 0.5 lumens; 7 days
Low: 5 lumens; 24 hours
Medium: 80 lumens; 130 minutes
High: 200 lumens-150 lumens-85 lumens; 1minute + 6minutes + 120minutes
SOS: 150 lumens; 1 hour 8 minutes
Alkaline battery:
Ultra-low: 0.5 lumens; 7 days
Low: 5 lumens; 24 hours
Medium: 80 lumens; 52 minutes
High: 200 lumens-150 lumens-85 lumens; 1minute + 6minutes + 35minutes
SOS: 150 lumens; 30 minutes


The beam
of the Acebeam Rider RX, thanks to the Nichia 219F LED, has a beautiful color without particular aberrations. In the measurements made with the OPPLE Light Master, the Ra or CRI value is higher than 90 and the color temperature is about 4600K. The beam is not so concentrated, given the small reflector, but it allows a good view of the walk, especially starting from the medium level of 280 lumens. A slight PWM is sometimes seen with the camera which does not affect normal night lighting.


The Runtime were done internally with the supplied battery (Acebeam 14500 from 920mAh) fully charged by measuring, with the LX1330B Luxmeter at a distance of 3 meters, the candles obtained until the battery runs out.
Note: I would like to clarify that the values expressed by the graphs must be taken, above all, as a reference because they are made with means and environmental conditions different from those used in the laboratory.


In HIGH (650 lumens) there is a sudden drop after 2 minutes and then after 8 minutes from switching on. At this point the trend is slightly decreasing until it is switched off.
Note: After half an hour of tests, with photos and videos, I put the Rider RX back on HIGH and I found the same time of 2 minutes before the brightness had a decrease as found in the runtime test. Great.
In MID (280 lumens) there is a continuous dimming of the brightness until it turns off after about 81 minutes.
In LOW (70 lumens) there is an almost constant trend up to over 5 hours from switching on before switching off; far higher than that declared by the parent company of 3h8min.

Another test was done using an Eneloop NiMH battery by putting the Rider RX in "HIGH" mode (200 lm).
After 1 minute and 7 minutes after switching on, there is a sudden decrease in brightness and then a constant trend for about 2h20min before the battery runs out.




Acebeam Rider RX is definitely one of the EDC flashlights I've liked the most over the last few months. I really appreciate the look of him, with the compact size just right to hold him well in the hand, the beautiful and elegant steel cladding as well as the construction and materials used.
Useful and generously sized, the Clip can also be used as fidgets (anti-stress) and the beam is pleasant thanks also to the Nichia 219F LED. The only doubt is about the battery insertion system where you have to unscrew the head that contains the electronic part of the Rider RX.
Recommended purchase.
Thank you for reading the review.
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