[Review] - Cyansky HS5R: Your Ultra-Bright Multifunctional Rechargeable Headlamp


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Jan 10, 2017
The Cyansky HS5R is a versatile and high-performance headlamp designed for a wide range of outdoor activities and professional use cases. In this comprehensive review, we'll delve deep into its features, build quality, performance, and usability to help you make an informed decision.



  • Model: Cyansky HS5R White and Red Double Light Multifunctional Rechargeable Headlamp
  • Maximum Output: 1300 Lumens
  • Maximum Intensity: 10,000 Candela
  • Maximum Distance: 200 Meters
  • Maximum Runtime: 290 Hours
  • Beam Angle: Spotlight 15°; Floodlight 80°
  • Dimensions: 92 x 41 x 33.5 mm
  • Weight: 136g (including battery and accessories)
  • Waterproof Rating: IP68 (submersible up to 2 meters)
  • Impact Resistance: 2 meters
  • Working Temperature: -30°C to 50°C / -22°F to 122°F
Design and Build Quality
The Cyansky HS5R boasts a robust and durable design. Its lightweight metal shell not only adds to its longevity but also makes it easy to carry on your head without causing discomfort. The L-shaped design of the headlamp provides a secure fit, ensuring it stays in place during your activities.
One of the standout features is its IP68 waterproof rating, allowing it to be submerged up to 2 meters underwater. This level of protection ensures the HS5R can handle rain, splashes, and even accidental drops into water without compromising performance.
The inclusion of an ultra-thin lens further enhances the overall aesthetics of the headlamp while maintaining excellent light transmission. Additionally, the white and red light options make this headlamp versatile for various scenarios.


What's Included

When you purchase the Cyansky HS5R, you get a comprehensive package that includes:
  • Cyansky HS5R Headlamp
  • Cyansky 2600mAh 18650 Rechargeable Battery
  • Headband
  • Soft Mount with Sticky Back
  • Pocket Clip
  • Charging Cable (USB to USB-C)
  • User Manuals
  • Spare O-Rings (2)






The inclusion of a rechargeable battery and a pocket clip is a thoughtful addition, ensuring you have everything you need right out of the box to start using the headlamp.


Build Quality and Disassembly
The build quality of the Cyansky HS5R is commendable. It features solid construction with no glaring flaws or design weaknesses. The tailcap offers a secure grip for easy removal, and it even includes a magnet, which comes in handy when you need to attach the headlamp to a metal surface.



Both the head and tail of the headlamp have springs, contributing to its durability and shock resistance. This level of attention to detail ensures the HS5R can withstand the rigors of outdoor adventures and professional use.


Size and Portability
The HS5R's compact dimensions make it highly portable and suitable for a variety of applications. With dimensions of 92 x 41 x 33.5 mm, it easily fits into your pocket or backpack. The weight of 136g, including the battery and accessories, is reasonable for extended wear without causing discomfort.
The headlamp is designed to headstand, providing a stable base when you need to use it as a stationary light source. This feature adds versatility to the headlamp, allowing you to adapt it to different lighting situations.


Retention and Carry Options
As a headlamp, the primary mode of retention is through the included headband. The headband is exceptionally comfortable, thanks to the well-designed metal bracket that contours to your forehead smoothly. Rounded edges ensure maximum comfort during prolonged use.
However, it's worth noting that the bracket that holds the HS5R in place on the headband can be challenging to remove. Attempting to remove it with needle-nose pliers resulted in scratches on the headlamp, which might not sit well with perfectionists.
The pocket clip, another retention option, is a welcome addition. It attaches to the tail end of the headlamp and provides a deep-carry option, making it convenient for everyday carry. The magnetic tailcap also adds to the headlamp's versatility, allowing it to be securely attached to metal surfaces.

Power and Runtime
The Cyansky HS5R is powered by a single 2600mAh 18650 rechargeable lithium-ion battery, which is included with the purchase. This standardized battery format ensures that you can easily find replacements or spares if needed.






The headlamp features low voltage protection, shutting off when the battery voltage drops to around 3V. The built-in red indicator light alerts you when the voltage is low, preventing over-discharging the battery.
Charging is a breeze with the built-in USB-C port, a welcome feature that eliminates the need for an external charger. The included USB to USB-C cable allows for convenient charging options. It's worth mentioning that both USB to USB-C and C to C cables work seamlessly with the headlamp.


Modes and Currents

The Cyansky HS5R offers a versatile range of lighting modes to suit different scenarios:
  • Turbo: 1300 Lumens (2 hours runtime)
  • High: 450 Lumens (2.5 hours runtime)
  • Medium: 150 Lumens (12 hours runtime)
  • Low: 30 Lumens (18 hours runtime)
  • Eco: 3 Lumens (220 hours runtime)
These modes cover a wide spectrum of brightness levels, from the blindingly bright Turbo mode for outdoor adventures to the long-lasting Eco mode for extended use.


The headlamp features a smooth and reliable electronic switch for mode selection, making it easy to adjust the brightness to your needs. The absence of strobe modes is a welcome choice, as it keeps the interface straightforward and practical for everyday use.

User Interface and Operation

The user interface of the Cyansky HS5R is intuitive and user-friendly. The single electronic button on the headlamp controls all the light sources, eliminating the need for multiple buttons and complex configurations.


  • Single Click: Battery Check (LED indicator)

  • On:
    • Single Click: Mode Advancement (Low > Medium > High > Turbo > Red > Eco White > Red Blink)
    • Long Press (Hold): Turn Off
  • Any State:
    • Long Press (>1.2 seconds): Toggle Between Main White Emitter and Secondary Group (including Eco White)
  • On Secondary Group (Red, Eco White, Red Blink):
    • Single Click: Mode Advancement
  • Off (Double Click): Lockout
  • Lockout (Double Click): Unlock and Activate White Blinking Mode (2x) + Battery Check

The LED indicator provides useful information about the battery level:
  • Green: Battery > 80%
  • Green Blinking: Battery 50-80%
  • Red: Battery 20-50%
  • Red Blinking: Battery < 20%
This simple and effective user interface ensures that you can quickly access the desired lighting mode without any confusion.


LED and Beam Quality

The Cyansky HS5R features a Luminus SFT-40 emitter in a "cold white" tint. While this choice may not appeal to those seeking warm tints for outdoor activities, it provides excellent brightness and visibility. The TIR (Total Internal Reflection) optics ensure a focused and throwy beam, making it ideal for tasks that require precision and distance.


In addition to the primary white emitter, the headlamp also includes a red emitter, which is particularly useful for preserving night vision and avoiding disturbing others in a dark environment. The red emitter's brightness is impressive and serves its purpose well.

LED Color Report (CRI and CCT)

The Cyansky HS5R's primary white emitter exhibits a cold white tint, as expected. The color rendering index (CRI) is not exceptionally high, which is typical for cold white LEDs. However, the headlamp compensates for this with its outstanding output, ensuring that you have ample illumination for your activities.



In conclusion, the Cyansky HS5R is a high-quality headlamp that excels in various aspects, making it a reliable companion for outdoor enthusiasts, professionals, and everyday users. Its combination of durability, waterproofing, versatile lighting modes, and user-friendly interface make it a compelling choice in the crowded headlamp market.

What We Like:
  • USB-C Charging: Convenient and eliminates the need for an external charger.
  • Red Emitter: Adds versatility for preserving night vision.
  • Tight Throwy Beam: Ideal for precision tasks and long-distance illumination.
  • Simple User Interface: Easy to navigate without unnecessary complexity.
  • Impressive Output: Ensures ample brightness for various scenarios.
  • Comprehensive Package: Includes a rechargeable battery, headband, and pocket clip.
The Cyansky HS5R stands out as a complete package, with Cyansky going the extra mile by including the rechargeable battery at the purchase price. If you're in search of a reliable, durable, and versatile headlamp for your outdoor adventures or professional needs, the Cyansky HS5R is certainly worth considering.