[Review] CYANSKY HS5R headlamp (upgraded version)


Dec 3, 2012
CYANSKY HS5R was sent to me directly by CYANSKY for review.
For product information and purchasing:
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AliExpress: https://www.aliexpress.us/item/1005006137546806.html
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CYANSKY HS5R is a multi-light, white and red 18650 headlamp with L-shaped design and solid construction suitable for many uses, for outdoor sports, industrial work, camping etc. HS5R is compact and lightweight with IP68 waterproof protection level, ultra-thin lens and maximum brightness of 1300 lumens. It has a single electronic button to control different light sources and has electronic anti-reverse protection.
CYANSKY HS5R is powered by a 3400 mAh 18650 rechargeable Li-ion battery (included in the package) with a maximum autonomy of 290 hours (ECO).
This upgraded version contains a strap with a quick release steel bracket, which ensures quick and easy extraction of the HS5R. At the rear, a strong magnet allows the front to be easily anchored to ferrous materials.


• 1* cold white LUMINUS SFT40 LED, 2* EVERLIGHT 2835 red LEDs with 50,000 hours of life.
• Powered by 118650 Li-ion battery (3400mAh) and compatible with 2CR123A batteries.
• Intelligent integrated circuit controls the temperature to avoid overheating caused by product damage or surface overheating caused by discomfort.
• Constant current circuit, constant brightness, with mode memory function (white light turbo mode without memory).
• Anti-reverse electronic connection design, compatible with flat batteries, prevents the battery from being installed backwards, causing damage to the circuit.
• Dual red and white light sources to meet multi-scene lighting needs.
• Button lock protection function prevents accidental turning on of the light from causing energy consumption.
• Red, green indicator, 4 indication modes to show the current battery level and charging indication function.
• The shell is made of hard aircraft-grade A6061-T6 aluminum alloy.
• Product surface with three-stage hard anodizing anti-wear treatment according to US military standard.
• Ultra-thin lens. Magnetic suction tail cap, all-metal design.
• Supports Type-C charging, 5V/2A.
• Maximum output brightness 1300 lumens.
• Maximum beam distance 200 meters.
• IP68 waterproof and dustproof level.
• Impact resistance of 2 meters.
• Maximum power: 18W (3.7V/5A).
• Illumination angle: spotlight angle 15°, projector angle 80°.
• Working temperature: from -30°C to 50°C.
• Storage temperature: -35°C to 65°C.
Dimensions: 92 x 41 x 33.5 mm
Weight: 136 g (battery and accessories included)
Free replacement for 15 days if the product has quality problems under normal use.
5 years free warranty if the product has quality problems under normal use within 5 years (1 year for battery) from the date of sale, the user has free repair services.

Note: The above data is based on the ANSI / PLATO FL1 standard, using a CYANSKY 3400mAh 18650 battery tested in a CYANSKY laboratory environment at 25°C ±2°C and 50%-80% humidity. The autonomy of TURBO is the total duration including the brightness reduced by the protection system during the test.


CYANSKY HS5R is sold in a cardboard box with the main features of the front printed on all four sides. Opening the box we find inside:
Headlamp HS5R + bracket + headband
Charging cable
Battery rechargeable lithium ion BL1834U (3400 mAh 18650)
Replacement O-ring

User manual and warranty card


In the sales package we find the CYANSKY HS5R already inserted in the headband for use as a front. Good quality of the elastic band including the removable steel support (bracket), where we will attach the torch.
In response to user feedback, the bracket has been updated and revised to make it easier to detach the front from it. The HS5R is now equipped with a quick release bracket, which ensures quick and easy extraction.
After trying it I can confirm the excellent upgrade which makes this operation really simple.
HS5R can rotate on the bracket up or down 120° depending on the use required.
The elastic band has good adjustment and, thanks also to its height, it wears well making the use of the front piece safe.


The two-way Clip supplied with the HS5R is well made and very stable once inserted into its seat.


CYANSKY HS5R is a well built headlamp with excellent materials. Its dimensions are compact and the weight, including 18650 battery and bracket, is only 136g. The shell is made of aircraft-grade hard aluminum alloy (460611-16), and the product surface adopts HA III hard anodized anti-wear treatment.

The dimensions are small (92mm) and, having a flat tail and head, it is possible to put it upright (tail standing) or upside down.



The optical system of the Cyansky HS5R has a dual light source design, white and red. The main LED, cool white, is a Luminus SFT40 Cool White (6500K), while the 2 red LEDs are EVERLIGHT 2835.
The ultra-thin lens is a Fresnel lens characterized by an excellent ability to focus the light beam with an illumination angle of 15° (spot) and 80° (flood).


The projector is operated by a single silicone button, of good size, located in the upper part of the head. The click is barely perceptible. Below the button we find a status indicator LED.


Battery level indication:
When you turn on the headlamp, the indicator will show the battery level:
Green light: >75%;
Flashing green light: 50%-75%;
Red light: 25%-50%,
Flashing red light: 0%-25%.
When the power is off, press the button of the spotlight or projector to display the battery level, and the indicator will automatically turn off after 3 seconds. If the light does not go out, press the button on the spotlight or projector again to turn off the power indication.

In the CYANSKY HS5R the only unscrewable part is the flat tail. Nice design and non-slip texture on the cap.


Unscrewing the tail cap we find as contacts with the battery a double gold-plated spring for rust resistance and strong shock absorption. The anti-reverse electronic connection design prevents the battery from being installed backwards to avoid damage to the circuit.
The threads arrive well greased, HS5R is equipped with an O-ring for water tightness and is IP68 certified (2 meters submersible).


The battery supplied with the CYANSKY HS5R is a lithium, rechargeable, 18650 3400mAh format (BL1834U). The battery, already seen in other products from the same company, has a USB-C charging connector in the upper part and a status LED near the positive button.

A very positive thing about the HS5R is the possibility of power supply with 2 CR123A batteries or with other 18650 format batteries even without the button (flat). On the CYANSKY HS5R there is a magnet on the tail cap which allows the torch to be stably anchored to iron objects.


On the side of the headlight unit we find the USB-C charging port protected by a rubber door. During charging, the indicator light under the button is red and turns green when charging is complete. A full charge takes approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes (5 V/2 A).
While charging you can turn on the lamp at the MED brightness level (150 lumens).


CYANSKY HS5R along with other headlights.
On the left of the CYANSKY HS5R we find the Acebeam H15 while on the right we find the Nitecore HC68.


CYANSKY HS5R has a total of 4 white light levels and 3 special modes, Red, ECO and Flashing Red, managed by a single switch. The headlamp has a memory function, when the headlamp is turned off it will save previously used brightness levels (excluding Turbo). The user interface, although not intuitive, is simple after the first test starts.

Turn On/Off
Press and hold the switch for 0.5 seconds to turn on the power.
Press and hold the switch for 0.5 sec to turn off the power.
Switching brightness levels
With the flashlight on, press the button to cycle through the brightness levels.
Mode change
With the flashlight off or on, press and hold the button for 1.2 seconds to switch to secondary lighting mode.
Lock and Unlock
Turning off in the unlocked state, the following ways to lock the headlamp: press the switch twice within 0.5 seconds, then the main light flashes twice weakly and turns off, indicating that the headlamp is in the locked state .
Locked state, the following two ways to unlock the headlamp:
1: Press the switch twice within 0.5 seconds, then the headlamp will directly turn on to the mode saved in the last shutdown. Indicates that the headlight has been unlocked and can be operated and used normally.
2: If the headlamp is locked, plug in the charging, then the headlamp will unlock automatically. When charged and unlocked, the headlamp does not flash. Lock Status Indicator: Press or hold the switch, then the white light will flash 2 times with low brightness indicating the headlamp is locked and then turn off.
Low battery warning
When the battery is low, the power indicator flashes red continuously 3 times per second, and the currently working LED light flashes 3 times every 3 minutes. Reminds the user to replace the battery.
The headlamp will turn off automatically when the battery voltage is lower than 2.8V.
Temperature control protection
If the product temperature is higher than the safe value, the brightness of the product will be reduced through temperature control to avoid product damage and user injury.


The beam quality (white) is good without annoying artifacts with a color that is not too cold. The three secondary lights, Red, ECO and Flashing Red, are useful and well appreciated in a headlamp. However, I would have preferred to have the possibility to adjust the red light to a lower power.


The beam of the CYANSKY HS5R is alluvial in nature and covers the walk well already from the medium level. In my tests the peak values in candela (cd), taken with the LX1330B Luxmeter at 5 meters away, are slightly lower than those in the table while the runtimes, considering the brightness drops made, can be considered almost similar to those indicated from the parent company.


With the OPPLE Light Master Pro I measured the color temperature CCT and color rendering Ra using the highest level (Turbo 1300 lumens). The color rendering value is slightly low. Visually I didn't notice PWM in the four main levels.


The runtime tests were carried out in a closed environment (around 18 °C) with the supplied battery (18650 3400mAh) fully charged (4.16V). For the test I used the LX1330B Luxmeter.
I would like to point out that the values expressed by the graphs must be taken, above all, as a reference because they were made with means and environmental conditions different from those used in the laboratory.
In TURBO mode (1300 lumens) there is, after two minutes, a sudden drop in brightness to approximately half of the initial one. After more than two hours there is another, slower descent, which brings the brightness to the average level of 150 lumens.
Subsequently, after a few minutes, there is another drop to the low brightness of 30 lumens. Cyansky HS5R turned off approximately 280 minutes after turning it on.
In HIGH mode (450 lumens) there is constant brightness for almost 140 minutes after switching on. After a slow descent it brings the brightness to the medium level for a few minutes before dropping to the low level (30 lumens) for a few hours.
Cyansky HS5R turned off approximately 330 minutes after turning it on.


The first 30 minutes:
VIDEO Review:

CYANSKY HS5R Upgrade, Unboxing and Use

is a well-built, headlamp with many notable features that make it a recommended purchase in my opinion.
Let's start with the emitter which has 4 main levels, well spaced, and 3 secondary levels, including two in red, certainly useful for a frontal one. Of note is the type of power supply which supports non-proprietary batteries of different sizes (button top and flat). There is also a magnet on the tail cap and the now common USB-C charging port which the supplied battery is also equipped with.
With the new update, the headband has been improved and is now equipped with a quick release bracket to facilitate detachment of the headband from it.
The runtime tests are also discreet thanks to the 18650 battery now 3400mAh while the beam distance measurements are slightly lower than the Cyansky specifications but this does not compromise the good general quality of the light beam (LED and Fresnel lens).
Thanks for reading the review.

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