Review CYANSKY HS7R headlamp 2800 lumens - CW + NW - Spot & Flood

Dec 3, 2012
CYANSKY HS7R was sent to me directly by CYANSKY for review.
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CYANSKY HS7R is a multi-purpose 21700 high brightness headlamp with a 2800 lm cool white spotlight and a 2000 lm neutral white double projector, double switch to control the spotlight and projector independently and with the function of sensor intelligent light. The tail features a strong magnet which makes the HS7R flexible and suitable for a variety of scenarios and applications.
CYANSKY HS7R is powered by a rechargeable 5000 mAh Li-ion 21700 battery (included) with a maximum autonomy of 140 hours.
HS7R has IP68 water protection rating with resistance to falls up to 2 meters and is equipped with an active temperature control system.
The HS7R has a strong magnet in the tail and a comfortable, easily adjustable headband with a sturdy steel bracket.

1x Luminus SFT70 Cool White Spotlight LED 6500K
2x OSRAM DURIS P9 Natural White Floodlight LEDs 4000K
Max. Output: Spotlight 2800 Lumens、Floodlight 2000 Lumens
Max. Intensity: Spotlight 8649 Candela、Floodlight 2070 Lumens
Max. Distance: Spotlight 186 Meters、Floodlight 91 Lumens
Max. Runtime: Spotlight 100 Hours、Floodlight 140 Hours
  • Intelligent light sensor
  • Ring headband and headband
  • Dangling tail cap with magnet
  • The projector is equipped with an indicator light to show the current battery level.
  • Supports fast charging and long-lasting battery life
  • Maximum autonomy of 140 hours.
  • Type-C charging port.
  • Silicone Spotlight Button
  • Made of A6061-T6 aircraft grade hard aluminum alloy and military specification HA III hard anodized wear treatment
  • Aluminum alloy reflector, vacuum plating, reduce light refraction, improve light efficiency
  • Lens. Double-sided coating, chemical hardening
  • Gold plated spring. Rust resistant and durable. Strong shock absorption. Battery anti-return connection
  • The anti-reverse connection design of the structure prevents the battery from being installed inverted, causing damage to the circuit
  • Lock function. Switch lock protection to avoid power consumption caused by incorrectly turning on the projector
  • Memory function. Automatically save last mode when turned off Lights up in save mode when turned on
  • Temperature control protection
  • Waterproof: IP68(2 meters underwater)
  • Impact Resistance: 2 meters
  • Working Temperature: -30℃ ~ 50℃ / -22℉ ~ 122℉
Dimensions: 1032632 mm (LHW)
Weight: 70g / 142g / 213g (HS7R/+Battery/+Stand & Headlight Strap)
15 days free replacement.
5 Years Free Warranty: If the product has quality problems under normal use within 5 years (1 year for battery) from the date of sale, you have free repair services.
Note: The above data is based on the ANSI / PLATO FL1 standard, using a CYANSKY 5000mAh 21700 battery tested in a CYANSKY laboratory environment at 25 C ±2 C and 50%-80% humidity. TURBO runtime is the total accumulated duration of the product circuit's intelligent low-brightness level test.

CYANSKY HS7R is sold in a beautiful rigid cardboard package with magnetic closure. Opening the box we find the HS7R front panel inside with the accessories included which are: Battery BL2150U 5000 mAh 21700, Band with attachment, Charging cable USB type C, O- Spare ring, Mesh carry bag, Manual and Warranty certificate.


In the sales package we find CYANSKY HS7R already inserted in the headband for use as a front piece. Good quality of the elastic band which also has an upper band, and the removable stainless steel support (bracket) where we will attach the torch is excellent. HS7R can rotate on the bracket up or down 90° depending on the use required.


CYANSKY HS7R is a beautiful and functional torch and, as soon as you pick it up, you can see its sturdiness and attention to detail. It is made of aeronautical aluminum with smooth and matt anodization. Despite the size of the 21700 battery, the weight of 213g (HS7R+Battery+Stand & Headlight Strap) is not excessive and the dimensions are contained (103mm). I have always been skeptical about wearing 21700 format head torches due to their weight, however I must say that I wore the HS7R for over 2 hours without problems or head pain. The front grips well and does not slip. Having a flat tail and head it is possible to put it upright (tail standing) or upside down. Also highlighted are the horizontal cooling fins behind the headlights.



The illuminating part is composed of a 2800 lm cold white spotlight and a 2000 lm double neutral white projector. In the centre, the proximity sensor is highlighted which automatically reduces the brightness in the event of an obstacle.

The main LED, cool white, is a Luminus SFT70 Cool White Spotlight (6500K), while in the double projector, neutral white we find the OSRAM DURIS P9 Natural White Floodlight LEDs (4000K).
The Spotlight spotlight concentrates the light beam and has a narrower angle that can be used to highlight a particular object in space. The two Floodlight projectors, on the other hand, have a wider beam (90°) which is distributed in an alluvial manner and offers more generalized illumination.

The main spotlight is operated by the silicone button located at the top of the head. The click is loud and firm.
Below the button we find a status indicator LED.

Laterally, on the left, we find the metallic button to manage the levels of the projector with neutral white tint. The electronic switch has a near-silent click and short travel.

Battery level indication
When you turn on the headlamp, the indicator will show the battery level:
Green light: 76%-100%;
Flashing green light: 51%-75%;
Red light: 26%-50%,
Flashing red light: 0%-25%.
When the power is off, press the button of the spotlight or projector to display the battery level, and the indicator will automatically turn off after 3 seconds. If the light does not go out, press the button on the spotlight or projector again to turn off the power indication.

In the CYANSKY HS7R the only unscrewable part is the flat tail.

Unscrewing the tailcap we find a thick spring on the negative while on the positive, for contact with the battery, we find a plated button.
The threads arrive well greased, the HS7R is equipped with an O-ring for water tightness and is IP68 certified (2 meters submersible). CYANSKY HS7R has mechanical protection against reverse polarity.
The powerful magnet on the cap allows the torch to be stably anchored to iron objects.

Behind the headlight unit we find the USB-C charging port protected by a thick rubber door. During charging the indicator light is red and turns green when charging is complete. While charging you can turn on the lamp at the MED brightness level.
The battery supplied with the CYANSKY HS7R is a rechargeable lithium battery in 21700 format with 5000mAh. The battery, already seen in other products from the same company, has a USB-C charging connector in the upper part and a status LED near the positive button. It is possible to power the HS7R with other 21700 format batteries with the button on the positive side.
CYANSKY HS7R together with other headlamp.
On the left of the CYANSKY HS7R we find the Acebeam H15 while on the right we find the Nitecore HC68.

CYANSKY HS7R has a total of 4 levels of white light (Spotlight) and 4 levels of neutral light (Floodlight).
Control via the switch is independent for each type of light.
With the upper silicone button we manage the white depth light (Spotlight) while with the side metal button we manage the neutral alluvial light (Floodlight).
Turn On/Off
Press and hold the spotlight/projector switch for 0.5 seconds to turn on the power.
Press and hold spotlight/floodlight switch for 0.5 sec to turn off the power.
Switching brightness levels
In Spotlight or Floodlight lighting mode press the button to cycle through the brightness levels.
Mode change
In Spotlight mode, press and hold the metal (Floodlight) button for 0.5 seconds to switch to floodlight mode. In floodlighting mode, press and hold the spotlight button for 0.5 seconds to switch to spotlight mode.
Memory function
The headlamp has a memory function. When the headlamp is turned off, it will save previously used brightness levels. It turns on automatically with the brightness level saved when you turn it on.
Lock and Unlock
Turning off in unlocked state, the following ways to lock the headlamp:
1: Long press the spotlight button for 3 seconds. At this time, the spotlight flashes 2 times, indicating that the product has entered the locked state. 2: Long press the projector button for 3 seconds. At this time, the spotlight flashes 2 times, indicating that the product has entered the locked state.
In the locked state, you can unlock the following ways:
1: Long press the spotlight button for 3 seconds, then the product turns on and directly illuminates the low brightness level of the spotlight. At this time, the product can enter the normal working state.
2: Press and hold the projector button for 3 seconds, then the product will turn on and directly illuminate the low brightness level of the projector, then the product can enter the normal working state.
3: Plug in the charging cable when charging and the product will automatically unlock (charging is automatically unlocked and the reflector or floodlight of the product does not flash).
Light warning in product lock state:
in the locked state, click or double click the button of the spotlight or projector, then the product will match the low brightness spotlight or projector flashing 2 times, bringing the product into the locked state and then turned off.
Low battery warning
When the battery is low, the power indicator flashes red continuously 3 times per second, and the currently working LED light flashes 3 times every 3 minutes. Reminds the user to replace the battery.
Lower working level at low voltage
When the headlamp detects that the battery voltage is lower than 3.0V, it will lower the current working brightness level to the LOW level. The headlamp will turn off automatically when the battery voltage is lower than 2.7V.
Time limit TURBO level protection with time limit protection design.
After working at TURBO level for 1 minute, the headlamp will automatically dim to 800 lumens to prevent overheating. Then it will adjust the brightness according to the safety of the temperature.
Light sensor function
The brightness of the product reflector and the TURBO level of the projector is very high. When the product is placed in the bag or pants pocket, to avoid accidentally touching the switch and causing burning objects, the product has added the light sensor function from the perspective of user safety. Every time the HS7R is turned on, the product activates the light sensor function, and you can manually turn it on or off during use. The operation is as follows:
a) In the lighting state, double click the button of the projector or spotlight will flash 3 times, indicating that the product has been closed by the light sensor function. At this time, if you double-click the spotlight button again, the spotlight will flash 3 times, indicating that the product has been opened with the light sensor function.
b) In the lighting state, double click the spotlight button, then the spotlight flashes 3 times, indicating that the product has been closed by the light sensor function. At this time, if you double-click the spotlight button again, the spotlight will flash 3 times, indicating that the product has been opened with the light sensor function.
• The light sensor operation operates in global mode. In both spotlight and projector mode, the light sensor is turned off/on, the function remains off/on when switching modes.
• When the light sensor function is active, if there is an object blocking the light (defined as the blocking object is within approximately 20cm of the light source), the output is directly reduced to approximately 200/100 lumens in Spotlight/Floding mode, then slowly reduced to around 50/15 lumens, after which it stops reducing. If the object is removed, the brightness is slowly restored to the current brightness of the corresponding mode. If the light sensor function is turned off, the brightness is not restored.

With the CYANSKY HS7R we have 2 types of light beam and color available.
The beam quality for both colors is good. No aberrations or irregularities of the light beam and no PWM visible to the eye.
With the alluvial beam, floodlight, there is regular illumination with the beam easily covering 40, 50 meters (max).

With the concentrated beam, spotlight, there is greater illumination in the center of the beam with a smaller illumination angle. The distance covered in spotlight can reach a hundred meters in Turbo at 2800 lumens.
With the OPPLE Light Master Pro I measured the CCT color temperature and Ra color rendering using cold Spotlight light (6500K) and neutral Floodlight light (4000K).
In Spotlight (cold light) the CCT color temperature averages 5700; the value in Turbo is higher at around 6300 CCT
In Floodlight (neutral light) the CCT color temperature averages 4000; the Turbo value is a little higher at around 4100 CCT
For both colors the average color rendering value is approximately 67 Ra.

The values in Candela (cd) declared by CYANSKY were, in my tests, achieved. The beam of the HS7R is powerful and allows good lighting with both colors.


With a thermal camera I detected how the heat is distributed on the front in HIGH mode at 2800 lumens after 1min, 5min and 10 minutes after switching on.

The runtime tests were carried out in a closed environment (approximately 22 °C) with the supplied battery fully charged. For the test I used the LX1330B Luxmeter.
I would like to point out that the values expressed by the graphs must be taken, above all, as a reference because they were made with means and environmental conditions different from those used in the laboratory.
Good regulation on the levels I tested with runtimes equal to or higher than those declared by CYANSKY.

Spotlight and Floodlight together:

The first 10 minutes:
VIDEO Review

CYANSKY HS7R Unboxing and Use


is a beautiful and functional, practical and robust headlamp. Excellent attention to detail.
Modern design with cut edges, simple to manage with double switch to control the spotlight and projector independently. Practical with a comfortable headband with removable steel bracket equipped with clips. Smooth, knurled body and powerful magnet at the tail.
CYANSKY HS7R is sold complete with 21700 format battery and can be powered by other non-proprietary batteries.
HS7R is a headlamp suitable for a wide variety of scenarios such as hiking, camping, search and rescue, fishing, climbing, work etc.
Thanks for reading the review.

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