[Review] - Fenix HM50R v2.0 - Headlamp EDC 700 lumen 16340 TypeC - by Lock


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Jan 10, 2017
Hello everyone, with this short review today we will see one of the latest Fenix flashlights: we will talk about the Fenix HM50R v2: small angular frontal light equipped with red auxiliary led.
The flashlight was supplied by Fenix specifically for review.
Here you can find the link of the parent company and here the link of the product


Packaging and content
The Fenix HM50R v2.0 arrives in a colored cardboard box with all the main features of the product imprinted on it. The equipment includes:
• HM50R V2.0 torch
• Elastic band
• 700mAh 16340 Fenix battery
• USB Type-C charging cable
• Spare O-Ring
• User manual
• Warranty Card


Main features
• Led CREE XP-G3 S4
• Max output: 700 lumen
• Max brightness: 3350cd
• TIR Lens
• Auxiliary LED: Red
• USB Type-C charging
• Battery Included: Fenix 700mAh Rechargeable Battery (ARB-L16-700P)
• Length: 64 mm
• Head Diameter: 22 mm
• Body Diameter: 19 mm
• Weight: 30g (only light), 49g (with battery), 78g(with battery and headband)
• Waterproof IP68
• Impact Resistance: 2m

Output Levels and Runtime
The Fenix HM50R v2.0 has 4 output levels for the main LED and two for the auxiliary one
Turbo: 700 lm (measured 680 lm) – 1h
High: 400 lm (measured 410 lm) – 3h
Med: 130 lm (measured 140 lm) – 8h
Low: 30 lm (measured 30 lm) – 42h
Red Light: 5 lm (measured 5 lm) – 60h
Red Flash: 5 lm (measured - lm) – 120h

Below the runtime schemes for the Turbo, High and Med levels





Il corpo ed i materiali
The Fenix HM50R v2.0 is a small 700 lumen headlamp that is very light and comfortable to wear: ideal for short walks or jogging. Even with sudden movements thanks to the quality of the band and the particularly low weight, the flashlight will always remain firmly and in position on the head. A silicone strip further increases the grip.



The flashlight is attached to the elastic band thanks to its belt clip. It fits perfectly and firmly. The system is simple and functional and allows you to quickly remove the flashlight from the elastic band if, for example, we need to use it in the hand or attached to some clothes. In fact, just press a tab and pull the flashlight away.



The belt clip is quite thin but also very sturdy. Detaching and reattaching it to the torch is really a feat.


On the head, laterally, there is the Type-C fast charging interface, well protected by a thick rubber cap.


Bundled with the flashlight comes a 700mAh Fenix branded 16340 cell.


The switch, placed on the head of the flashlight, is electronic, rubberized, not protruding, very large and easily operated.


The lens is TIR. The bezel is bronze in color and recalls the color of the switch bezel ring


The tailcap is flat so tailstanding is allowed, moreover it contains a powerful neodymium magnet that allows the torch to be attached to any ferromagnetic surface both in a vertical and horizontal position. A slight knurling made by vertical milling increases the grip for opening the battery compartment.


The overall build quality is excellent. The feeling in the hand is of absolute solidity and robustness. The tiny size makes this flashlight extremely portable in your pocket or fanny pack.
The threads are anodized


The anodizing is done well as is the lettering

The color is cool with some imperceptible chromatic variations on slightly warmer shades in the center of the beam.
The beam is wide and flood with a slightly brighter central part that gradually fades onto the spill.


The red auxiliary LED provides an output of only 5 lumens, which can be used mostly for very short distances, for example for reading.


Following are some shots in the dark







  • Small and light
  • Tailcap magnet
  • Red auxiliary LED
  • TypeC quick charge
  • Good adjustment
  • Quick and easy attachment / release system
  • Wide and convenient switch to activate

  • There are no special levels for the main LED: the Beacon for example I find it very useful when running on the street in the dark to get noticed even from a distance
  • Red auxiliary LED has a maximum output of only 5 lm, I would have liked the presence of an additional level perhaps of 15-20lm
Excellent flashlight to use for short night outings, and given its weight and small size, it is also ideal for sports such as jogging, etc.

Thanks for reading...XD