Review IMALENT BL50, White light and UV - EDC 3600 lumens

Dec 3, 2012

Imalent BL50 was sent to me directly by Imalent for review.

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IMALENT BL50 is perhaps the heir of the Imalent LD70, partly taking up some features and now improving the autonomy, the display and with the addition of a UV light source.
BL50 is a powerful, high quality EDC flashlight, compact and easily transportable in your trouser pocket. It is available in 4 different colors: Royal Blue, Black (the one tested), Gray and Military Green.


IMALENT BL50 can reach a maximum of 3600 lumens, covering a lighting distance of 428 m. The small size makes it a recommended choice for everyday activities or as an emergency light. BL50 has 6 levels of light (+ 1 special) white: (5lm / 200lm / 600lm / 1200lm / 2000lm / 3600lm / stroboscopic light) managed by a button in the tail and a UV light activated by the button placed laterally.
BL50, made of aluminum alloy, is equipped with a large OLED display which among other things indicates the charge status of the internal 3000 mAh battery. It is rechargeable via the USB-C port quickly and easily.
IMALENT BL50 is IP68 certified (2 meters submersible) and resists impacts from a height of 1.5 metres.


Product Features:
• Uses an American CREE XHP50.3 Hi LED. Lifespan is up to 50,000 hours with a maximum output of 3,600 lumens.
• Built-in multifunctional OLED display, which can show various parameters and settings.
• Super-fast Type-C charging.
• Product dimensions: 34.5mm (head diameter) x 28mm (body diameter) x 93.5mm (length).
• Net weight: 158 g (battery included).
• High efficiency constant current circuit will maintain constant brightness.
• Construction The built-in thermal control module will automatically adjust the brightness according to the working status and outdoor temperature.
• Ultra-clear mineral glass reinforced with anti-reflective coating.
• SMO aluminum reflector.
• Aerospace grade aluminum alloy body, wear-resistant Type III matte hard anodized surface treatment.
• IP68 standard waterproof.
• Shock resistant up to 1.5 m.
The flashlight can be Repaired/Replaced in 15 days after receiving it.
Within 15 days of receipt and under normal use, any quality problem with the IMALENT flashlight, you can send the light for repair or replacement with a new one of the same type and specifications.

Standard ANSI.


The packaging

Imalent BL50 arrives in a very well made and elegant rigid box with magnetic closure.

Inside the box, beyond the BL50, well protected by foam and equipped with internal battery, we find as accessories the charging cable USB-C to USB-C, the *lanyard * and the manual. There is no clip or case.


Imalent BL50 is a well built flashlight with good finishes and thicknesses. The new EDC Imalent has a flat side where we find the display, the side button and the USB-C charging port. The torch fits well in the hand as it has compact dimensions (93.5 mm in length) and a weight (158 g with the internal battery) which is not excessive, although considering the size it is not light. It is made of aluminum alloy with anodized finish, well made, matt black, but available in other colors. BL50 is a single body equipped with a tail button for managing the available levels and a side one to activate the UV light and for the electronic block. Having a flat tail, it is possible to put the torch upright (candle-shaped).


On the head of the Imalent BL50 we find 2 emitters; one with CREE XHP50.3 Hi white light LED and one with UV light (365nm). The CREE The optical lens, made of mineral glass with ultra-clear anti-reflective coating, is slightly sunken, while the LED is well centered and the color of the beam is a beautiful white without strange predominance.
The UV LED has a small reflector and even if it covers a short distance it is undoubtedly useful in certain contexts.

The body of the Imalent BL50 is largely circular and can occasionally slip from the hands given the small length of the flashlight. On the body we find engraved and printed writings of excellent workmanship.
Unlike the mini EDC LD70, in the new BLC50, charging takes place via a USB-C port which is located on the flat side, on the side, near the side switch. The supplied charging cable is a USB-C to USB-C.

Once connected, charging is fast if you use a fast power supply. In my tests, it took me about an hour to fully recharge the 3000mAh internal battery with the charging current reaching the maximum value of 2.95 A.
During the charging process, the indicator on the OLED display shows the charging progress. When the battery is fully charged, the display turns off.
Imalent BL50 cannot be used while charging.


In the rear, the electronic button of the BL50 has a discreet size making it easy to access but is however very sensitive and activates easily making the use of the electronic lock highly advisable when transporting. The click is loud and very precise.
With it we will manage the levels available with white light.


With the Imalent BL50 we have 6 levels of white light (Moonlight, Medium Low, Medium I, Medium II, High and Turbo + the special STROBE mode) and a UV light at 365nm. Imalent BL50 has memory; when you turn the BL50 flashlight back on again it remembers the last level used before turning it off. Turbo and Strobe levels are excluded from memory.
o Turbo: 3600/1200 lumens, 70s + 78min
o High: 2000/1200 lumens, 3min30sec + 70min
o Middle II: 1200 lumens, 1H16min
o Middle I: 600 lumens, 3H10min
o Middle Low: 200 lumens, 6H28min
o Moonlight: 5 lumens, 280H
or Strobe

Switching On and Off
Gently press the rear or side power button to turn the flashlight on and off.
Normal lighting mode
When the flashlight is on, press and hold the tail button, the cycle will switch from 5lm-200lm-600lm-1200lm-2000lm, releasing the power button will save the output level you need.
Turbo and Strobe
Double press the tail button in any mode, it will activate the 3600lm turbo output, double press the power button again to activate the Strobe, lightly press the power button to exit.
Instant low output
At any time press the side button to activate the low output of 5 lumens.
OLED display
Imalent BL50 features an OLED display located on the flat top. Once the torch is turned on, the display will show the current Lumens and then the residual voltage (V).
Lock and Unlock
With the flashlight off, quickly press the side button 3 times to lock or unlock the flashlight.
The closed or open padlock symbol appears on the display with the words "LOCK" or "UNLOCK".

Imalent BL50 near other flashlights.
From left: Varta AA, Samsung 21700, MecArmy PT16, Olight SMINI Baton Ti, Lumintop FW21 e SPERAS E21

Beam and Runtime

The beam of the Imalent BL50 has good uniformity and a decent throw. The peak value in cd (lux/1m) of the Turbo level, found by me, is lower than that declared by Imalent.
Medium Low (200 lumens): 1200cd – 69 meters
Medium I (600 lumens): 3580cd – 120 meters
Medium II (1200 lumens): 6920cd – 166 meters
High (2000 lumens): 14650cd – 242 meters
Turbo (3600 lumens): 23350cd – 306 meters


The tint is pleasant not noticeably cold, even if as we will see the central color temperature value is over 6000°K, the ray has a yellow dot in the center of the large spot while it turns light green at the edges until it reaches the violet. Moving away from the wall these tonings almost completely disappear. With my eyes I don't see PWM. The start of the spill from the walk is approximately one metre.


The values found on the temperature and color rendering (OPPLE Light Master) of the central beam are the following:
Turbo: 3600 lumens – CCT: 6601 Ra: 71.4 Duv: 0.0049
High: 2000 lumens – CCT: 6470 Ra: 70.8 Duv: 0.0061
Middle II: 1200 lumens – CCT: 6312 Ra: 70.4 Duv: 0.0069
Middle I: 600 lumens – CCT: 6213 Ra: 70.1 Duv: 0.0076
Middle Low: 200 lumens – CCT: 6108 Ra: 69.7 Duv: 0.0084


The photo below was taken with a thermal camera, in the High lighting mode (2000 lm), after 2 minutes and 5 minutes after turning it on. Good heat distribution throughout the body. Good regulation, the temperature never reaches excessive values.

The Runtimes were done in a closed environment with an ambient temperature of approximately 18°C. The BL50's internal 3000 mAh battery has been fully charged.
I would like to point out that the values expressed by the graphs must be taken, above all, as a reference because they were made with means and environmental conditions different from those used in the laboratory.
Imalent BL50 features intelligent thermal control, when using high output modes, the flashlight will generate a lot of heat; When the internal temperature of the flashlight body reaches 50°C, the brightness will decrease to 1200 lumens to ensure safe and comfortable use and prevent discomfort due to overheating. When the temperature is above 65 degrees, the turbo cannot be turned on.

Imalent BL50 is well regulated; in Turbo mode (3600lm) after an initial slow descent, before 2 minutes we have a sudden decrease in brightness until it lowers to the Medium II level of 1200 lumens. This trend is then maintained for over 70 minutes before the battery runs out.
In HIGH (2000lm) mode the first descent occurs after almost 5 minutes. Subsequently there is a constant trend until almost 75 minutes before the battery runs out.
The tested levels MIDDLE II and MIDDLE I have a constant trend for the entire work cycle until the BL50 switches off due to battery exhaustion after approximately 84 minutes and 175 minutes respectively.


The first 10 minutes.

VIDEO Review
Imalent BL50 Unboxing and Use


IMALENT BL50 is a successful EDC flashlight, compact and well built. Given its portability it can be the ideal companion in many situations or in case of emergency.
In the hand there is a feeling of solidity combined with excellent management of the user interface. The large display is excellent and finally the USB-C charging. I also appreciated the quality of the beam of the well-tested CREE XHP50.3 Hi LED and the small UV light LED.
BL50 arrives in an excellent package which however lacks a certainly welcome and useful case.
Recommended. Thanks for reading the review.
Roberto M.
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