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Dec 3, 2012
The new version of the PB2S battery charger was sent to me directly from XTAR for review.

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Main features of the new PB2S:

- Product equipped with Type-C input, maximum 2A x 2.

- It has a charger and a power bank.

- QC3.0 and PD3 0 protocol is supported for both input and output.

- Small and practical size, display and magnetic panel.

- New rotating buckle design on the magnetic panel.

- Technology in parallel balancing of discharge and charge.

- Compatible with 3.6/3.7V Li-ion IMR/INR/ICR 18650/20700/21700 rechargeable batteries (protected and unprotected)

- Compatible with most mobile phone charging protocols

- Automatically recognizes the level of charge, the type of power supply and the cable.

- 0V activation function restores excessively discharged batteries.

- Three-stage TC/CC/CV charging maximizes battery life.

- Precise cut-off at 4.2 V. when the battery is fully charged.

- Current Buffering technology prevents battery damage from violent current discharges.

- Protection against short circuit, overloads and overheating.

- Made of fire retardant material.

- Magnetic cover, dust-proof and drop-proof

Technical specifications

Input: QC3.0 and PD3.0 (5V 2A/9V 2A/12V 1.5A)
Constant current: 2Ax2/2Ax1/1Ax2
End of charge voltage: 4.20 士 0.05V
End of Charge Current: ≤120mA
USB output: QC3.0 and PD3.0 (5V 2A/9V 2A/12V 1.5A)
Operating temperature: 0-40C

Dimensions and weight:


Net weight 85g


  • Free replacement is expected within 15 days of purchase.
  • Free repair is expected within 12 months of purchase. If any problems develop after the 12 months, we will offer a free repair service but will ask you to pay for replacement parts.
  • Lifetime technical support.
Support email: [email protected](link sends e-mail)


XTAR PB2S arrives in a white cardboard box. The main features of the new PB2S are shown on the packaging.


In this package we find the new XTAR PB2S battery charger, the USB-C cable and the multilingual manual.


XTAR, specializing in the development and production of quality chargers, updates the PB2S charger with a new model that expands its use. I have always been attracted by this battery charger and today I can try, thanks to Xtar, the updated model that can also charge protected 20700/21700 batteries.

After some users found that the space in PB2S seems to be a little big for 18650 batteries when using XTAR, with this upgrade, it has designed a new design with accessory bracket and rotating buckle to keep these batteries in a fixed position. .

The XTAR PB2S is a portable battery charger with Power Bank function to recharge your mobile devices anywhere and anytime outdoors.

This feature, combined with the fact that it has a closed shell, makes the PB2S battery charger almost unique in its kind.


PB2S has 2 battery bays, is small and light (85g), with a side button and is compatible with 3.6V/3.7V Li-ion/IMR/INR/ICR (18650 18700 20700 21700) batteries protected or unprotected. XTAR PB2S has an easy-to-access Type-C input/output port and a magnetic, dust-proof and anti-drop cover which can prevent dust and other objects from entering the slots in contact with the batteries.

PB2S has OV activation function to revive over discharged batteries. By inserting a battery that is too low, the charger will automatically detect and activate the battery.


PB2S is made of flame retardant, fire resistant PC material to ensure safe use. The quality of the materials used and the construction with rounded corners seem excellent. The surface is polished with high quality rubber paint which gives the PB2S a good grip.




On the back we find the factory data of the new PB2S printed.


XTAR PB2S is equipped with a USB-C input and two USB outputs, Type A and Type C.

PB2S supports both input and output QC3.0 & PD3.0 protocols (5V 2A / 9V 2A / 12V 1.5A).


Internally the battery compartment is well done with the drawings for the correct insertion of the batteries printed in evidence.

Thanks to a built-in ribbon in the slot, it's easy to remove the batteries quickly.

PB2S now has an accessory bracket, which can be installed in the battery charger on the side with the positive contacts, to charge 18650 batteries or unprotected 20700/21700 flat batteries, favoring the right contact between positive and negative.

The negative pole of PB2S is made of metal material which has good conductivity and low impedance.




The magnetic top panel has a good hold and can be easily removed thanks to the two side recesses. In this new version there is a rotating buckle in the center to be positioned horizontally when charging batteries in 18650 format to keep these batteries in a fixed position without them being able to move.


The front-mounted display shows real-time charge/discharge current and voltage, and battery capacity percentage, and supports one-handed button operation to control the charge voltage and current of each battery.

Let's see the display with a Samsung 21700 inserted in slot n.2 of the PB2S before and after starting the recharge.

- After inserting the battery and pressing the side button, the display shows "OUT1" as output with a battery charge percentage of 98%.

- By charging the battery present in slot n.2, the display immediately shows the percentage of battery charge and the current intensity of 1.7A.

- By pressing the side button and going to slot n.2, the display shows the estimated volts, in real time, of the battery being recharged as well as the 1.7A charging current.


The display using the PB2S as a power bank with two 5000mAh batteries inside. In my tests I managed to charge my current samsung S20 smartphone in about 1h20min.


In the tests I made to recharge batteries in 18650 and 21700 format I obtained good results managing to charge a 3000mAh Sony murata VTC6 18650 battery in about 3 hours (at 1.7A max.) and a 21700 battery in a 4900mAh XTAR in about 3h50min (2A).

Functions and characteristics of the XTAR PB2S battery charger

- PB2S supports QC3.0 + PD3.0 fast charging, compatible with most phones fast charging adapters on the market, easy to pair and use.
- Another feature of the battery charger is the OV activation which revives the batteries that are too low. The OV activation function, which first originated from XTAR, activates some refreshable batteries. By inserting a battery that is too low, the charger will automatically detect and activate the battery.
- PB2S has three-stage charging (TC-CC-CV). The battery charger uses the float current (TC) to "wake up" and protect the batteries when the battery voltage is very low. After the voltage becomes normal, the charger starts constant current (DC) charging. When the battery is almost fully charged, the charger starts constant voltage (CV) charging, to make sure the battery is fully charged and less damaged.
- XTAR PB2S has automatic shutdown when the battery is fully charged.
The built-in high-precision MCU makes the end-of-charge voltage up to ±0.05V, and the charger will automatically stop charging after the batteries are fully charged, safely and reliably.
- With built-in intelligent detection system, when the battery polarity is reversed or the charging channel is shorted, the charger will not start charging, so as to ensure the safety of batteries, chargers and users.
*In the event of a short circuit or reverse polarity, the charge current and battery percentage will both be 0.

INSTRUCTION FOR USE (taken from the user manual).

Loading Li-ion cells
By connecting the adapter and inserting the cells, the charger will automatically start charging. The input supports most of the fast charging protocols. When fast charging, the input current and voltage will be 9V 2A, and the charging current will be 2A x 2/2A x 1. When not fast charging, the input current and voltage will be equal to 5V 2A, while the recharge current will correspond to 2A x 1/1A x 2.

USB output function
Insert one or two cells and connect the USB device, the charger will automatically charge the external USB device. The output supports most of the fast charging protocols. In case your device does not support fast charging, by default the output current and voltage of the charger will be 5V 2A. If the device supports fast charging, the charger will adjust the output power according to the device in question. The maximum output power is 18W.
Note: Type-C and USB-A ports can charge two external devices simultaneously.

0V Activation function
By inserting the batteries, the device detects them and activates them automatically. The batteries cannot be activated, they will be considered as "broken batteries" and the message "0%, 00.0V, 0.0A" will appear on the monitor.

Button functions
1. While charging, the numeric display shows the input voltage, current and battery capacity percentage. Press the button to switch between the display of the charging voltage and the charging current of the battery in slot 1 and "B1"(battery1). Press again toggles between the display of the charging voltage and the charging current of the battery in slot 2 and "B2"(battery2). Press again to return to the entry screen.
2.When the charger is off, press the button to check the capacity.

"Low current" output
When the charger is off, long press the button to charge low-current devices such as Bluetooth headphones and USB lights. The display will flash slowly to indicate this mode. Then long press the button to close the USB output.

Meaning of the display
1. "IN": Load
2. "OUT1" or "OUT2": Download
3. Percent number: power percentage of one cell/average power percentage of two cells.


VIDEO Unboxing


With the new version of the PB2S charger, XTAR has improved some aspects of the previous model such as compatibility with protected 20700/21700 format batteries and optimized internal spaces thanks to an accessory bracket and a rotating buckle. I found these devices functional, which now allow a complete and more functional use.

XTAR PB2S is a battery charger, well built and compatible with the most used formats of rechargeable batteries, but also an excellent power bank to always carry with you to have an energy reserve ready to recharge the mobile devices used daily. I also appreciated the simplicity of use of the XTAR PB2S battery charger, the clearly legible display and the double output port type A and type C with the possibility of recharging two devices simultaneously.

Thanks for reading the review.

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