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Dec 3, 2012

All-Purpose Portable Camping Lantern

NITECORE Bubble was sent to me directly from Nitecore for review.

For technical details and to purchase the torch: … bubble.htm
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Manual: … bubble.pdf

  • Multipurpose portable camping lantern
  • Equipped with 4 high CRI LEDs (CRI>90, color temperature: 2.700K)
  • Maximum output of 100 lumens with 360 degree lighting
  • Touch switch design for easy, one-handed operation
  • Made of durable PC and silicone materials
  • Three levels of brightness plus Candela mode
  • Magnetic ring handle that can also be carried or hung
  • Maximum autonomy 42 hours 0 m / 1.75 d
  • Beam color Warm light
  • Feature dual hybrid power source
  • Outdoor activities/camping
  • Waterproof and dustproof rating according to IPX4
Dimensions: ø72mm x 132mm (ø2.83" x 5.20") Weight 106g / 3.74oz


NITECORE Bubble is a portable camping lantern suitable for all uses. Bubble is a new product that illuminates with style thanks to the quality of the light emitted and the accurate and elegant construction.
Bubble by Nitecore is compact and light with an elegant aesthetic line and built with excellent materials, consisting of an upper part in rigid plastic and a lower part in silicone that is very pleasant to the touch. The magnetic silicone handle, in the upper part, gives great flexibility allowing easy anchoring on ferrous materials and easy positioning.
Bubble features 4 high CRI (CRI>90) LEDs, with a maximum output of 100 lumens and 3 light levels in addition to Candela mode, managed by a sensitive tactile switch.
Bubble is powered by 3 AAA alkaline batteries (included) or a NITECORE HLB1300 rechargeable Li-ion battery.
It has an IPX4 rating and comes in 5 color options: Snow White, Tulip Yellow, Pale Mint, Languid Lavender, and Misty Pink.


Nitecore Bubble provides ample lighting for camping, hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities.


NITECORE Bubble comes in a translucent plastic box. Some of the main characteristics that distinguish it are printed in white on the packaging.
Inside, once the package is opened, we find, in addition to the lantern, 3 Alkaline batteries in AAA format and the multilingual manual.


Bubble fits well in the hand being compact in size and very light weighing only 106 g (3.74 oz with batteries included).


It is constructed of durable PC material and silicone with an IPX4 (splashproof) rating.


The silicone shell is compressible allowing Bubble to stand upright.


Bubble provides comfortable lighting and with Candle Mode a restful atmosphere both indoors and outdoors.


Inside we find 4 high CRI (CRI > 90) 2.700K LEDs that provide a maximum of 100 lumens with uniform and warm 360° lighting. I found the coloring really nice. Bubble has 3 light levels plus the special "Candle" level.


The CCT (color temperature) and Ra (color rendering) value taken with the OPPLE Light Master Pro, at the maximum brightness of 100 lumens, are the following values: CCT: 2759 and Ra: 94.4


In the upper part of the lantern, near the word "Bubble", we find a small indicator in the shape of a triangle.
Nitecore Bubble has three positions depending on how we turn the top on the diffuser. In addition to the open or closed position, we also have the locked position to carry Nitecore bubble in a bag or backpack without the possibility of it turning on involuntarily.


The touch switch of the lantern is located on the top. Just rest your finger to turn Bubble on or off or to vary the available levels.


Nitecore Bubble has good autonomy and several power options.
Once the upper part has been unscrewed, separating it from the diffuser, we have access to the battery compartment where it is possible to insert 3 AAA, Alkaline or rechargeable Ni-Mh batteries, or the Nitecore HLB1300 rechargeable Li-ion Battery Pack.


As previously mentioned, Nitecore Bubble can be transported, fixed or hooked up easily.


In the rubber handle there are two small magnetic spheres which allow a good anchoring of the lantern on ferrous materials and, forming a ring, to be easily hooked vertically on hooks or protrusions.


Nitecore Bubble near the Nitecore LR60 and near the Olight lantern.

Video Unboxing and Use


Nitecore BUBBLE Unboxing and Use


Nitecore Bubble
is a lantern that is beautiful to look at and well built, equipped with 4 high CRI LEDs (CRI>90) with a color temperature of approximately 2,700K.
Among the main features is the light emitted, restful that creates a nice atmosphere, illuminating well small environments such as, for example, a camping tent or useful in outdoor activities.
The anchoring system is functional being flexible and equipped with two small powerful magnetic spheres.
Nitecore Bubble can be powered by Alkaline or rechargeable AAA batteries and also by the Nitecore lithium Battery Pack (HLB1300).
I found the tactile switch on the top to be very sensitive at times. The locking possibility it is equipped with is therefore very useful. Highly recommended.
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