[Review] Nitecore NB10000 V2 Silver Powerbank (10000mAh, ultralight, PD)


Nov 30, 2009
I received the nitecore NB10000 v2 Silver from Nitecore for the review.
The NB10000 v2 Silver is a ultra light powerbank from Nitecore, the latest version of my previously reviewed V1 NB10000. It features an ultra compact and light construction, has a 10000mAh Capacity, USB-C and USB-A output ports. Unlike the classical carbon fiber look of the previous models (the V1 and V2), the NB10000 V2 Silver has a silver finishing that really makes it look quite different. Compared to the NB10000 V2, the only difference is the outer finishing: black carbon fiber for the regular NB100000 V2, and silver "carbon fiber" for this silver version.

My sample did not come in a package, but was shipped along other items. Therefore I have no packaging or accessories to show you.

The NB10000 V2 Silver measures 122x59x10 mm, for a weight of 153.1 grams (my sample).
Here's side to side with the previously reviewed NB10000 v1.

There are some design differences, beside the color between the V1 and v2 Silver:
The specs are now engraved with a much bigger font and are on the large side of the powerbank, while on the V1 they are engraved on the side and with a much smaller font.

The specs of the V2:
Output: USB-C: 5V⎓3A / 9V⎓2.22A / 12V⎓1.68A; USB-A: 5V⎓3A / 9V⎓2A / 12V⎓1.5A; ual Ports: 5V⎓3A (MAX)
Input: USB-C: 5V⎓2.4A / 9V⎓2A

The ports on the V2 version have their outlay marked by yellow paint, making them easier to see and giving it a more pleasing design (at least to me) since they fill some of the gaps around the ports. The switch and the LED indicators have been redesigned.

The V2 NB10000 has 3 blue LED battery status, and a fourth white one, for the ultralow current mode.

The ultralow current indicator activates once you keep pressed the switch, to signal that the ultralow current mode has been activated. In this mode, the max current is reduced and this can be useful to preserve the batteries of devices like headphones, earbuds, or other gadgets powered by small batteries.

Compared to the V1, they are a bit dimmer but more easily distinguishable because they are physically separated and not under the switch.

Even the brand, and the CE certification engravings are better readable on the V2.

My thoughts:
This new instance of NB10000 makes some improvements to a product that is already at the top of the Ultralight Powerbanks.
Functionally, the ultra low current mode is a nice addition especially for your devices with small batteries; the new indicators and buttons are more intuitive to use.
Aesthetically I like the new design of the port covers, the high visibility look of my silver version, and the new engraving.
I have been using my NB10000 V1 for every one of my business and holiday trips. Whether by train, car or plane, it took up little space and weight, and offered great performances; and this V2 silver will surely take its place.
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Nov 30, 2009
Thanks to italian user Cmps, I became aware of a bug that didn't materialize while using my NB10000 V2, and that made me change the opionion on the powerbank.
Keeping pressed the switch after the activation of the low current mode, the NB100000 V2 remains with a single blu led light on, and goes in softlock.
So, It doesn't supply power anymore, no matter what's its charge, and doesn't show the battery charging status.
To unlock it, you need to connect it to a power supply, and it resets.

For who owns a V2 there's no alternative but to keeep it and transport it in a way that the button doesn't remain accidentally pressed, otherwise you powerbank could become unusable in the moment you need it.

I don't have to further elaborate on how this is a defect that can ruin the use of the powerbank, especially when the user is not warned against it.
I really hope Nitecore will make an updated version where this is fixed, or that the new batches of V2 will have it fixed.