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Dec 3, 2012
SPERAS E21 was sent to me directly by SPERAS for review.

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SPERAS, founded in Shenzhen, is a high-tech company that produces premium portable lighting equipment to ensure that customers receive the best lights on the market at an affordable price. I have already reviewed, with satisfaction, other products of this brand and I am curious to try the innovative tail switch with which SPERAS E21 is equipped.
At the time of writing SPERAS E21 is not yet for sale but the project is under the Kickstarter campaign. The sale is expected in October 2023.
SPERAS E21 is a compact (12.8cm) and light (135g) Led torch, which has a single switch on the tail, with a new technology, which allows the complete management of the torch. SPERAS E21 has a total of 6 light levels (Low, Middle, High, Turbo as well as ECO and Strobe mode).
The SPERAS E21 uses a Luminius SST40 LED, with a maximum output of 2000 lumens and a maximum peak beam intensity of 26,000cd with a maximum throw of 322 meters.
SPERAS E21 is sold with an internal (non-replaceable) lithium battery of 5000mAh in 21700 format and is rechargeable via the USB-C port with a maximum autonomy of 220 hours.
SPERAS E21 is IP68 certified (2 meters submersible) and has impact resistance up to 1.5 meters.
The compact size and its features make it a perfect companion in airsoft or military as well as outdoors (trekking, camping, etc.) or for law enforcement and search and rescue operations.


The above data was measured in accordance with ANSI/NEMA FL1 international flashlight test standards using a 3.7V/5000mAh 21700 battery under laboratory conditions.

Main features:
  • Compact and powerful. It uses a Luminus SST40 Led that emits 2000 lumens with a beam distance of 322m.
  • Outdoor mode and Tactical mode.
  • Innovative 2-in-1 tactical tail switch design.
  • LG21700 / 5000mah battery.
  • Up to 220 hours of battery life.
  • Type-C 5V/2A fast charging
  • Instant Turbo
  • Power Bank function
  • Durable 6061 aircraft grade aluminum alloy construction.
  • Reflector Smooth Toughened ultra clear glass lens with abrasion resistant AR coating.
  • Big silicone tail button with simple UI, easy to operate.
  • IP68 waterproof
Weight: 135g / 4.77oz (including battery).
Size: 128mm(L), 25.4mm(head) / 5.0in*1in
30 days free replacement if it has a manufacturing defect.
5-year warranty for free repair within 5 years of purchase if there is a problem under normal use.
Limited Lifetime Warranty with parts charge.


SPERAS E21, not being on sale yet, arrived in an anonymous cardboard box.
The package, with which it will be on sale, will contain the SPERAS E21 torch containing the 5000mAh 21700 lithium battery with the CLIP installed, the USB-C charging cable, the OTG connector, the lanyard and the manual.

SPERAS E21 has some optional accessories sold separately.

SPERAS E21 has good build quality, good anodized finish and coating without strange edges or construction residues. It holds well in the hand being compact and having small dimensions (128mm) and the weight of only 135g (considering the internal battery). The non-slip texture of the torch body is beautiful and effective and the writings are well made.
Thanks to the two-way Clip (installed), it is very easy to insert SPERAS E21 in your pocket or jeans and it does not slip easily once placed on a table.
The supplied lanyard can be inserted on the clip.
SPERAS E21 consists of a single block and is managed by a single switch in the queue.

The internal battery, not removable by the user, is a 5000mAh and 15A LG INR 21700 lithium. This choice undoubtedly has negative sides as it cannot replace the battery but also the advantage of having better contact and safety of the battery system. It is therefore up to the end user to make his considerations on the purchase where the selling price will be above all important.

On the head we have optics with a smooth projector (SMO) and AR-coated glass.

At the heart of the projector is the LED Luminus SST40 with which SPERAS E21 reaches the maximum brightness of 2000 lumens and covers a maximum distance of 322 meters.
Particular, and in evidence, the very aggressive crenellated bezel in aluminum.

On the side, we find the charging socket in USB-C format protected by a silicone tab.
E21 is certified IP68 (2 meters submersible).
During the recharging process, the charge indicator near the connector is red, while when the battery is fully charged, SPERAS E21 stops the charging process and the indicator turns green. The status LED also indicates the charge level for a few seconds once the flashlight is turned on, and flashes when the battery is low.
During recharging it is possible to use SPERAS E21 in ECO mode by pressing the button at the end.
The time required for a complete recharge is approximately 3 hours and 15 minutes (recharging takes place at approximately 1.8A max).

SPERAS E21 can be used as a Power Bank to recharge a mobile phone or other electronic devices (max 5V/2A).
In the sales package we find the OTG connector as an accessory to be inserted into the USB-C port for connection to the electronic device.
I tried to recharge a mobile phone (Samsung S8). In this case the recharge took place at about 1.6A.
SPERAS E21 has only one switch in the queue. The large tactical two-way (or 2-in-1) button that we'll be using for all operations on the E21 is new and works very well.

The button is operated by pressing it from top to bottom, to switch the E21 on or off (including Momentary On), and, this is the novelty, by pressing sideways to vary the available levels and to access ad other functions such as, for example, the flashlight lock.

The feeling with the large rubber button is good, easy to find and to operate even with gloves.


SPERAS E21 near other torches.

From left: SPERAS E21 (21700), SPERAS EST (18650), Acebeam P16 (18650), Nitecore MH12SE (21700), Armytek Predator PRO (18650).


The User Interface (UI) of the Speras E21 is well done and easy to remember after a bit of practice.
SPERAS E21 has only one switch in the tail with a double function depending on whether it is pressed from the top or from the side (secondary).
With SPERAS E21 we have 5 light levels (ECO, Low, Medium, High and Turbo) and the special level Strobe.
E21 also has 2 Use Modes: Tactical and Outdoor.


For Tactical Tail Switch.
  • In the OFF state, momentarily press the ON tail button (turbo mode); Release, OFF.
  • In the OFF state, press the tail button to enter (Turbo Mode), press then release to turn off the flashlight.
For Sub Queue Switch (Option way: Touch the button from inside side)
  • In the OFF state, touch the sub tail switch to Strobe momentary, release, OFF.
  • In the ON state, click the sub-queue switch to switch modes (ECO-LOW-MEDIUM-HIGH-TURBO).
  • In the ON state, touch the sub tail switch and hold it for 0.3 seconds to enter STROBE mode, release to return to the ON state.

For the Tactical Tail Switch.
  • In the OFF state, press the tail button to momentarily ON (memory mode), release, OFF.
  • In the OFF state, press the tail button to turn on (memory mode), press then release, turn off.
    Note: Memory Mode will not memorize the Strobe Mode or ECO Mode accessed from the Sub-Queue button.
For Sub Queue Switch (Option way: Touch the button from inside side)
  • In the OFF state, touch the sub-tail switch to enter ECO mode, release, OFF.
  • In the ON state, click the sub-queue switch to switch modes (ECO-LOW-MEDIUM-HIGH-TURBO).
  • In the ON state, touch the sub tail switch and hold it for 0.3 seconds to enter STROBE mode, release to return to the ON state.
Block / Unblock
  • Before first use, unlock the flashlight. Quickly tap the secondary tail switch 3 times to unlock SPERAS E21.
  • When you don't use the flashlight, please lock the flashlight by tapping the sub tail switch 6 times.
  • After locking, the LED indication will flash orange quickly if you operate the switch.
  • When you lock or unlock, the main light will flash twice as a reminder.
Switch from Outdoor Mode (default) to Tactical Mode.
  • When it's in charging state, tap the sub tail switch 3 times, the flashlight will now support to switch patterns. If the main light flashes 3 times, it means the flashlight enters the
    Tactical mode. If the main light flashes 4 times, it means that the flashlight enters Outdoor Mode.
Discharge Mode (Power Bank)
Insert the OTG connector into the USB-C port, connect the cable, and then download (max 5V/2A) to your phone or other electronic devices.
Energy Indicator
Turn on the flashlight, the LED indication will turn on automatically to show the available charge as follows:
  • Green: over 70%
  • Orange: 30%-70%
  • Red: 5%-30%
  • Red flash: less than 5%



SPERAS E21, in the wall test, has a beam with cold coloring (6000K) without evident artifacts with a wide hotspot and a greenish coloring corona which turns laterally towards violet.
Using it outdoors I must say the coloring in High and Turbo mode is pleasant. When used in Turbo mode E21 quickly reaches high temperatures and can burn hands when used without gloves.


SPERAS E21 has a good power to illuminate well at low and medium distances. The average brightness of 350 lumens allows you to walk safely. The values in candelas (lux/1 metre), found by me with a measurement at 5 meters, correspond to those declared by SPERAS. No PWM visible to the naked eye.


From the tests made with the OPPLE Light Master, at a distance of two meters from the sensor, the value of the color temperature CCT and the color rendering Ra varies, as we have already seen, according to the level of selected light. By averaging I get a CCT color temperature of around 5600 and a Ra of 67.
In TURBO (2000 lumens) the measured CCT value is just under 6000K (5984) while the Ra is 68.5. Duv= 0.0093

With a ** thermal imaging camera ** I have detected how the heat is distributed on the SPERAS E21 in Turbo mode (2000lm) 1 minute after switching on, 4 minutes and 10 minutes after switching on.
Runtimes were done in an internal environment with a temperature of about 29°C, using the internal battery, a fully charged 5000mAh 21700.
I would like to clarify that the values expressed by the graphs must be evaluated above all as a reference because they are made with means and conditions different from those used in the laboratory.
The runtime tests were good with values that, in my tests, were similar to those indicated by SPERAS.
In TURBO (2000 lumens) there is a decisive drop in the luminous flux less than a minute after switching on to reach about a quarter of the initial brightness.
In High mode (900 lumens) after switching on, there is a rapid decrease in brightness after 2 minutes. After almost 5 hours the status LED flashes to indicate that the battery is almost flat.
In Medium mode (350 lumens) after switching on, there is a slow and constant descent for over 8 hours before the sudden drop due to battery exhaustion.
The first 10 minutes.

Video (use of flashlight).

SPERAS E21 Innovative Tactical Flashlight


definitely represents a novelty thanks to the new tactical tail switch. After using it for some time, I must say that I appreciated this tail switch for its simplicity and speed in varying the light levels present.
SPERAS E21 is really compact, to be powered by a 21700 battery, with good power and good regulation (see runtime). Fast charging is also great.
The sale is expected to start in October 2023.
Thanks for reading the review.

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